Check out Freddie Starrs fiance

there's no fool like an old fool concerning women, you've only to look at paul mccartney.....dull cnuts.
She is juicy though.
Top marks to the journalist and editor

30-year-old Sophie Lea has been nursing Freddie back to health since his allergic reaction put him in a hospital bed
and a few paragraphs later
Sophie, 34, met Freddie when she worked on his tour as a singer two years ago
Good one Freddie! When I'm 68 I'd happily shag a 30yo viper with tits if she appeared willing enough (and if she was after the money, she'd have to keep appearances up, win win)... Good effort!


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I am not entirely sure what a Freddie Starrs is but the Mail needs to delete the picture of the ex SAS / SBS Pirate Hunters gaff.


That fridge next to the skip is a dead giveaway.
Good luck to her the man is INSANE.
Some of us have standards you know.
You are quite correct in assuming that we have standards, it is just mine are so low that if I looked up I could see the soles of peoples feet.
Listen to you *******, "she's got fat legs", "her legs are upside down".

It's female, and has a pulse (optional). You'd be on it like a tramp on chips. Freddy is a ******* Starr.

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Quite right old chap, and if Freddie wishes to park his aroused body between her outspread man crushing thighs then by Gad so he should and damn good luck to him.....................................and I,m ******* drooling at the thought of it.
I think that is the fridge they kept the camel toe in. Freddie is 68 and is looking forward to making it 69. They gave him viagra by mistake instead of antihistamines but his meat still didn't stand up to inspection later. He was feeling better and even had a skip outside his home. Good ole Freddie. At Margate Winter Gardens years ago a supporting singer was really full of himself. But his act was immensely improved when Freddie came tearing down the aisle on a motorbike .... ruddy nutter. Tear up the risk assessments when that lad is about.
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