Check em lads

The Phil Morris and Mick Riley Cancer Awareness Site

A very interesting and informative site that just proves that every guy should be checking themselves regularly.

Mick Riley is a serving soldier and has told his story, which I am sure will prove to every one of you that you need to check em.

Mick is deployed at the moment, but has promised to post on his return and agrees with the need to raise awareness on this highly important, yet mebarrassing subject.

Hiya all,

Mick Riley here, Just to give you a heads up on the site that liz is on about and what it is all about. I am a full screw in 2 LSR in Gutersloh in Germany and I am the Vice Chairman of Way back in 1996, I was unfortunate enough to end up with testicular cancer. At the time there was not a lot of info available on the disease and being the young stubborn squaddie i left the sore bollock for a while before i went on sick parade. It was found that i had cancer and I went under the knife to have me knackered knacker whipped out. 6 months to a year later the cancer returned in my stomach and i had to have 4 months of BEP Chemotherapy. a year later the cancer returned again and saw me go under the knife again for a major Operation which left me with an 18 inch scar down my guts. Phill, the chairman is an old friend, ex RCT who i lost touch with back in 94. we managed to get back in touch and he developed the same disease shortly afterwards. to cut a long story short Philly set up the website with funding from none other than Paul Weller and his drummer Steve White. he then invited me along. Our job is now to give awareness talks to squaddies and civvies in a way that they wont be offended or embarrased. rather than using all the medical jargon that is usually thrown at you in these types of things the site and our talks are set up in such a way that it is more like haveing a chat with your best mate over a pint but the point of it is that Soldiers are more at risk of the disease through there style of life and age groups within our establishment. no man is imune from the disease. I suffered because of the lack of information at the time and the attitude of it wont happen to me. It Did!!!!!! we cant stop people getting the disease but we can stop you suffering as much as i did. have a look at the site for our full stories and forums etc or e-mail me for more info or to book a talk at your unit.

all the best

mick riley (Cpl)
Good to see you've come out the other side, Mick. Nice piece of work.

Nice one .... Cannot imagine what you went thru......Spread the Word.

Hope all goes well

Happy. :D
Nice site - like the squirrel looking animal at the front with its bollocks hanging! Joke aside, glad that you're still here for your own loved ones and to promote such a cause.
I used to feel a way about the amount of tests women have to go through where we have to be topless, bottomless or having a metal tube shoved up the front - even by male doctors, but I tend to think two things: 1. The quicker they do what they have to do, the quicker I'm out (and get treatment if necessary); and 2. My bits ain't the first they've seen and won't be the last! Lets hope the lads who go through your site get the same message :wink: Best of luck.
Just to say thanks to all for the comments so far. I hope that we are able to come to your units soon to carry out a talk. I did a talk whilst out in Iraq and a full screw was casevacced 24 hours later just go's to show that no matter what level people are, if they get the info that they need they just may find something and get the treatment they need thus stopping them suffering as much as i did! anyway thanks to all so far and get the site disseminated round your units and lets get people looking at it. The site is entirely self funded and costs us about 3 grand a year to keep up and running so if anyone has any fundraising ideas let me know!!!

all the best

mick riley
Mick, glad you made it... :)

Was wondering who no mention of breast cancer on the site?

Men are a little more aware of their bollox now and the lump issues down there, less so about their breasts and the fact they are at risk from breast cancer as well. Just a thought.

Beebs x
Hi, I do agree that there should be more awareness for male breast cancer, however, The reason Philly and I have is that we have both had the cancer, therefore like to think that we know something about the disease and its treatments. Having not had breast cancer I dont feel qualified to talk about it. That is something to maybe look at for the future though, thanks for bringing it up.

All the best

I am a UK based urologist, and TA. If any servicemen (or women or civvies) have any questions regarding testicular cancer, please feel free to PM me.

I can't provide "binding" advice over the internet (it's difficult to assume an electronic duty-of-care), but if I can provide information and put things in perspective, I'd be happy to.


Thanks for putting the site up and telling all of us about it here! Very courageous of you. I've read it and will be checking 'em up. I'll also make sure to tell my lads about it.

Well done,


Mick is available to attend units to help raise awareness, when he isnt jumping out of planes or riding fast bikes, he is dedicated to putting all of his efforts into

Here is his latest venture here. Or you can email him

I will give him a nudge to get his arrse over here to give us an update on what he is up to.

Thanks for your time

Thanks Kaye for the kind words.

Just to give everyone an update, The site is very close now to becoming a registered charity. Unfortunately, one of the Team on checkemlads, has developed leukemia from his original cancer. It is terminal unfortunately, I will not mention who it is as he, and us, want him to have some peace and quiet. It does upset us that someone who dedicated his life to raising awareness for young men, has now been caught.

Anyway, to raise much needed funds for this individual I have taken to a spot of poetry so for all RLC and more importantly ex RCT soldiers have a look at this or e-mail me for one!
Hi all,

Just relisted the poem on ebay the link is

on the first batch we raised a tenner! dig deep people, help 2 ex trogs save lives! I cant do much more as i am off to Iraq again soon so cant organise things for rasing funds.

If you dont want the poem, not a problem, click onto and there is a link to a paypal account there that is dedicated to the site. If every member of arrse was to donate just a pund, that would keep the site running for another year!

This year alone we have saved 25 serving and ex soldiers, as well as countless civvies, These stats are from the doctor's not us. Please help us to keep it going!

All the very best to all of you

Mick Riley
its a damm shame we havnt got this awfull diesese under control but if it wasnt for the likes of you guys so many more would come under its evil spell i would also like to mention that bowel cancer is the third biggest cancer killer in the uk after breast and lung but we still have hang ups about checking our poo for the tell tale signs and many of us just ignore it at our own peril as i know all too well, so check your balls and have a look at your poo from time to time it might just save your life.

Keep up the stirling work i raise my hat and glass to you all

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