Chechnya. Please discuss it here.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, May 21, 2009.

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  1. Recently some our frineds have mentioned Chechnya in the context of other events. I believe that it deserves a separate thread.

    Now let's look at BBC's agitprop

    What do the Chechens (the majority) think about Russia, They hate it.

    Who would expect anythingelse? But time is the best doctor.
  2. I'd be seriously pissed off if someone used Tos-1 Artillery on civilian populations.
  3. Over 30 civilians were killed in the attack, which witnesses said produced unusually yellow flames, and more than 200 others suffered various degrees of burns.

    Civilians or Armed separatists,depending on who you believe.
  4. I think we should buy some. Cracking piece of kit and cheaper than what we do at the moment with JDAMs, Hellfire and so on. There's a reason we're looking at buying thermobaric ordnance and the US already have. Besides, when we do it it's "unfortunate collateral damage".

    (Yes, I know I'm trolling but I've always felt that the exact nature of the weapon system doing the killing is not the point.)

    But Sergey does illustrate one thing I've said before, the average Russian feels it's justified as the killing has stopped and all is calm, and honestly are we in a position to criticise that given the carnage in Iraq and Afghanistan ?

    Long term though, it will start up again. No amount of time will solve that one.
  5. Unashemedly reproduced from another ARRSE thread...

  6. There seems to be some deep hate in this area of the world, try showing some love instead ------------ Its nicer!!
  7. Sergey,

    This may be a slow-burning thread, as Chechnya wasn't raised in the Pakistan thread out of any real burning desire to address Russia's unique grid-square removal COIN strategy. Rather, we just objected to being lectured to about civilian casualties from a representative of a country with, let's say, form in this area.

    It's a mote/beam thing, if you'll excuse the biblical reference:

  8. Mate, you and perhaps many our friends have a wrong perception I believe. Why do you think I try to lecture? Why does our frined Andy Pipkin think that I 'hate' America. It is simply not true.

    I don't try to lecture anybody
    I'm a human being and thus can be wrong sometimes (and even frequently)
    I'm ready to change my mind any time
    My views are only my private opinion
    I hold in high esteem HM armed forces and appreciate very much views expressed here.
    The ARRSE is the best community I know - intelligent, attentive, polite, informed, professional, with good sence of humour.
    If I (of course unintentionally) have insulted anybody then I'm ready to bring my apologies and would try not to repeat such mistakes.

    If I try to lecture then I would write (but actually I don't write) something like

    Soulless, stonehearted, coldblooded assasins sent by Evil Empire, executing criminal orders issued by murderous tanned dictator committed new unprecedent atrocity. Being unable to suck blood from children in remote corners of Pakistan directly these cruel henchmen use their devilish inventions to kill as many as they wish...

    Note, that in Pakistan thread I haven't asked about any moral aspects. I haven't asked is it right from moral point of view. I haven't expressed any estimates made from moral point of view.
  9. If you have credible reports about usage of TOS-1 against civilians in Chechnya then let me know.

  10. Q: What do Chechyna, Somalia, Afghanistan & Pakistan all have in common?

    A: They're all populated with cnutbats with one finger on an AK47 and another in a Koran.

    A Battalion of Stalin's Organ Grinders is too good for them TBH.
  11. Sergey, its still your lots fault that I was made to learn Russian at school :x

    Mind you I cant remember anything now, except hello and goodbye.
  12. Anything has a bright side. Thanks God tou haven't to use Russian on a battlefield.
  13. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Here we go again - Russias great and we don't hurt anyone not even the fluffy bunnies, not like you evil capitalist propaganda reading nazi lovers. Fcuking commie idiot.