Chechen Parliament attack

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Strait_Jacket, Oct 19, 2010.

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  1. Sky News breaking story of shooting at Chechen Parliament. Several dead and hostages taken.


    EDIT: Reporting that the building has been siezed by militants...

  2. Now reporting Agriculture Ministry building hit simultaneously by militants, more casualties.
  3. All the terrorists have been reported killed.... (WTF is this with the "Militants" thing?)

    Now if the mad f*ckers wanted to slot everyone in OUR parliament I may change my views on the label!
  4. Yeah why can't we have any fun like that.
  5. They arent terrorists until they do something we dislike IVV?
    You sound like a septic chief.
  6. If they slotted our parliment I am sure we could make allowances and allow them to be called 'freedom fighters' just this once.
  7. They make themselves terrorists by the their actions and the fact they use unlawful violence outside the parameters of the LOAC.

    When an undemocratic extremist minority use political violence to wrest power from the hands of the majority in order to impose their own philosophy and place power in the hands of the unrepresentative minority, then that is terrorism.

    When a group uses violence to wrest power from an unlawful and undemocratic minority and place it into the hands of a lawful majority, then that is freedom fighting.

    If a freedom fighter is to be a freedom fighter then he would never deliberately target the innocent, he should only ever target the tools and instruments of oppression.

    A terrorists nearly always targets the innocent.

    Having said that.... an attack on politicans nearly always seems justified to me!!
  8. It is a very simple thing. If something is attacked in London, NI or New York then the wrongdoers are terrorists. But in Russia they are militants, activists and so on.
  9. Yeah yeah - of course terrorism is wrong...

    But they did start in the Speakers office and intended to kill politicians - surely we can learn something from this.
  10. Actually Sergey when Terrorists do something in London it is called "Celebrating the rich cultural diversity of the capital"

    Unless they kill politicians.... then its called giving the people what they want!!