Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Sandbanks, Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. At the moment this is safe for work

    A website that may be worth keeping an eye on
  2. And the award to the crapest site on the net goes to.......

    Inform us when they have some Chebs to view, until then, this site is BONE!
  3. Great site, took awhile to find the hidden bits but worth the effort.
  4. Pray tell!
  5. Changed your tune.
  6. Well duhhhhh, wouldn't you if you went to a site for chebs, found no cheb and then found out there were chebs after all!
  7. You mean you didn't find the hidden bits?? They're worth looking for!!
  8. I agree. It was a mission to find, but worth it in the end. I thought I had back ache until I saw some of those lovelies.
  9. Excellent site there SB

    The hidden bits are ace :D
  10. i cant find them
  11. The hidden bits are ace. You have to look hard for them, but well well worth it.

    And certainly NSFW! :D
  12. Ok, damnit, put me out of my misery...
  13. def NSFW my boss is not happy (open plan office)
  14. It's a WAH! No hidden bits!
  15. Maybe you're just not looking hard enough... They are there, how I didn't see them before...