Cheating Slapper outed on radio...

Fcuk me! That was vicious! she deserved every bit of it though, slaaaaag.


Kit Reviewer
That was funking immense! Good drills, that man.

Now, does anyone have her number? She sounds like a right goer.
Love it!
First reaction

"How much is it worth???"

Dirty bitch
I wonder if Danny went to Cancun with him. Worth it for getting her back like that.
The lovely soon to be Mrs Wonder was sat next to me saying how horrible it was, I shall be having a word with my boss about what happened at our Works Christmas do.
Got it this awhile off a mate, its a fukcing belter, loved her stuttering the greedy ufcking bint,she doesnt give a fukc shes getting married she just wants to know how much its worth ufcking SLAG
result, been a while since i heard this.
just listened in to that, Brilliant, she deserves eveything she gets and more, hope her boss is crapping himself.!
From here, originally;

Excellent,absolute genius.
That was an absoloutly awesome piece of radio!!!! Top marks to that man and the first round is on me
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