Cheating partners, wifes and girlfriends (or insert male)

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by themaadone, May 9, 2007.

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  1. How many guys or gals have returned from a tour and noticed those little changes?

    That last tour of Bosnia, the border patrols of XMG or just that 4 month jolley to the Falklands.

    How many had the pleasure of sharing the other half just to return to either find out one way or the other?
  2. I came back from a 6 monther in Bosnia in 1997 to find my account empty, I was a techie Sgt and only spending £30 a month, I had given the chick access to pay bills, she had massive parties and flew her sister down from Scotland almost every weekend, all of which I paid for.
    She was also seeing some bloke from work, after we'd split I discovered that he was nailing her sister as well when she came down and I believe to this day she still doesnt know that her now husband was slipping her blister one!
    Id name names but as he is a serving Navy WO............
  3. i got sent back early from iraq 2 years ago and so i caught up with some old soldier buddies here in portsmouth, and some of their wives and chicks n stuff.

    anyway, i ended up knobbing my sargeant's missus out the back of the pub and i felt really guilty. he'd been away for 8 months; me 4 months.

    but she got the better of me and we hooked up 3 times a week for 4.5 months.

    then he came back.

    and that was it.

    not sure who's the father of her kid though. i have doubts.
  4. I hope you filled the B1tch in with a claw hammer before you slung her out on her Arrse.

    But what a lucky b@stard he was nailing both sisters.
  5. We came back from Bosnia to find that some S/Sgt from a different unit had been giving my CSM's missus the good news... Imagine his surprise whe our RSM, RQMS and four CSM's rock up on his doorstep for a 'chat'... I belive he also got bust as well.
  6. Ah-ha! Does it count if he was only nailing them one at a time so to speak, rather than in some enormous incest-ridden, drink and Filbert's cash fuelled, three in a bed sex romp?

    I only ask because if there is kudos to be had for having "relations" with sisterly relations then squiring the daughters of a certain public school Headmaster in Berkshire entitle me to some of that regard!
  7. A guy from the Irish Guards 1970......returned back from exercise.....wanted a quick one before he went a Taxi at KL station.......told the driver he wanted a women........15 mins later turned up at his front door........mort points if you know what he thought!!!
  8. Consider my caubeen doffed in due admiration!

    Do you know of/have you perchance achieved a Royal MacNab? :?

    Stag, salmon, brace of grouse AND nail the cook, all between sunrise and sunset?

    The Diamond MacNab is when you achieve the foregoing - and proceed to marry the cook.

    As I did . . . . . 8)
  9. My first annual camp as a Subbie --- coach taking the lads back to the TAC -- the platoon Sgt asks driver to drop him at his house since we are passing his door. The coach driver pulls over saying ' Funny this --I am giving 'one' to the women in number XXX '. Yes ! you've guessed it, same house. Platoon Sgt runs from back of coach to the front and 'fills in ' driver in front of lads. New Platoon Sgt started following week.
  10. I thought you preferred the 'Lego' McNab....Chicken McNuggets, Fish Fingers, half a dozen Peanut M & M's and a 'wee' something special for later behind the bike sheds, that you've not to mention to your Mum.
  11. Bickies, you bastard, I just clicked on your www addy.

    You owe me a new keyboard and a fresh pair of pants.
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  14. Came back from TELIC 4 to find my missus (Also serving) had decided to get scuttled all round the garrison whilst I was gone. She Coughed to making a stupid mistake that we should just talk about. The truth was she'd all but taken on a lodger. A "Mate" of hers who dropped her in the sh1t grassed her up saying that she'd seen more of that bloke than me.

    Lesson learnt reference Army Skirt!

    Tried sh&gging her sister but she had none of it!
  15. Stupid enough to post twice as well.

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