Cheating on tour - worry no more

Are you concerned about shagging the crocodillopigs, which you invariably will be doing, when you are away on tour? Well worry no more take one of these out in your comfy box Fleshlight

So now you don't have to worry about sloppy seconds (or in many cases sloppy 23rds) with the local "female" population and it won't want a relationship, moan if you don't call, email or write PLUS as it resembles a cold fish it will make you think of home and the trout you left behind.

Sadly group activities like spit roasting isnt possible but no doubt your trout will let you see the pics of hers, with the rear party, when you get back.
Thought maybe this was a topic about the end of OMO washing powder......
Depends if his mate is called Daz or not :D
i actually have one of these!!!! it was a pressie off my missis b4 i went to telic forv the first time cos she didnt want me banging the clerks!!! obviously i tried it out and its brilliant. obviously not as good as the real thing but a f****ing good substitute!!!!!

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