Cheating bitch gets just deserts

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Doug_Hole, May 5, 2009.

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  1. Dubai are spot on. Did you see the news?

    Couple get married flump out a couple snotty sprogs. Dirty bitch cheats on the fella, she gets jailed, he gets custody, she gets deported.

    Spot on. Can't see what the fella has done wrong.

    Typical phucking softies here are demanding "justice". "Justice" of course means the filthy whore gets the kids in spite of the fact she's to blame. I mean what on earth has our society come to?

    Britain demands that when an unbeknowngst and unsuspecting man has been 'stirring lumpy porridge' at night in the marital bed, he then must lose his children for it? :roll:

    This is one issue Islam can teach us about, their system is so much fairer. When the bitch is to blame, the bitch suffers the consequence.

    Anyone agree/disagree?

    (PS I was pissing myself laughing when you saw her getting ripped away from her children and forceably deported at the airport, she was making weird mong noises in distress. Really cheered me up. Dirty slut)
  2. Got a link?

  3. Take it your missus got rattled by Winston whilst you were on Ex Med Man 3?
  4. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    There’s such a thing as trying too hard, chap.

    It’s quite embarrassing watching you trying to ingratiate yourself in a pitiful attempt to get the big boys to like you.
  5. Yeah, sorry Sixty. You're right. I want to be like you so badly, I think I love you. You're my hero.

  6. I still think he is just angry after he came home early to find a pair of Combat High Legs on the doorstep.

    "Thats weird, I'm wearing my boots" He thought as he opened the door. "Tina never puts the chain on the door normally" he thinks as the door fails to open. "I wonder why that Sierra is on the drive way and I can smell Brut. Maybe her brother is round fixing the bedroom curtains as they're closed."

  7. Doug, I see the fact that The Kings Troop, and the horses went through your missus, is still hurting

    Let it go.
  8. I thought she was called Toola

    Hat, taxi!
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Listen mate - how many times do we have to say sorry? FFS, she never even mentioned you!
  10. doug_hole
    I don't normally like to be crude ( You might wonder why I am in the NAFFI then - fair point)! However, I have to say that the word a**hole might be more appropriate for you. No offence:)
    You think someone should go to jail for adultery? Or is it only women who should be jailed for ALLEGED adultery? First of all, from what I have read she was separated at the time,so it appears that she was not 'dropping her knickers' for all and sundry. Secondly, you do not know the facts,so it is wrong to make assumptions. Do you know why they separared or what the motives were for the husband bringing this case? I don't either, but I would not rush to conclusions like you and,yet again,adultery should be not a jailable offence. Hell, how many people would be in jail if that were the case?
  11. Red-666,

    No offence taken. "The man is a murdering, thieving, liar, and I mean that with all due respect" Woody Allen.

    Anyway, yes. Perhaps you are right. Jail and deportation maybe a bit too harsh. But, still, there are lots of mothers who are with their kids in Dubai right now - on account of them not behaving like sluts.

    But I like the way they are handling it. The person who is "deemed" to destroy the family loses the kids. Any cheating whore in this country would just skip off with the kids, the house and a tidy portion of the innocent man's income.

    'toff's hat to Dubai. Fair play to them.
  12. Frankly I'd be surprised if he'd been near a woman that didn't require inflation since before Gulf War I.
  13. You mean 'doffs' hat Doug_hole?
    But on the subject, the woman concerned didn't commit adultery, her husband did. In which case should he be disallowed from ever seeing his bairns again, lose his home and slung in jail? Hey, lets go mad and lop his todger off with a pair of rusty blunt scissors while we're about it. That'll learn him eh. :roll: