Cheapo cnut or prince of men?

Tight cnut or perfectly acceptable?

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Dozen roses, bottle of champagne (half-price, billy bonus or what) and a card with a badge. Still waiting for a romp though!


War Hero
Have mussels, langoustines, lobster on ice and vintage champagne in the fridge...

...and she has just told me she has food poisoning and is heading straight to bed!!!

I've been told to buy Dioralyte and Imodium.

happy fcuking days :frustrated:
_Artemis_ said:
msr said:
bigbird67 said:
Praetorian said:
"Get your cunt out"

Fucking laugh at that. Then post some pics of your beef curtains on here.
IF i was EVER going to get my cnut out,it would not be for a soap dodger! :)
Would you for £5?
I'll outbid you at £5.50 - can you do any tricks with ping-pong balls, bb?
I'll go a tenner to see you juggle marbles Artemis!
can Artemis do that??? Bleeding hell...£20
i would rather have a pot noodle and w@nk.

a. Its more satisfying at both extremes

b. its doesnt moan when you buy it something

c. its the slag of all snacks and you can throw your fat in the empty carton and go up to your boss and say pot noodle sir for exercise?

bobs your antie and maisy's is your uncle - MBE in the post you!
bigbird67 said:
as a female,i'd rather get something which made me laugh than soppy drivel!(Or something i could drink :) )
Not surprised if you look anything like your avatar!
what's wrong with my avatar? I'm sex on legs me :-D


We gave up on pointless Valentines shite and overpriced cards years ago. Unromantic: no, just passing up on yet another opportunity to be exploited by venal retailers.

Some decent Fizzy in the fridge on standby, few nibbles, job done.
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