Cheapo cnut or prince of men?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hugh_Jardon, Feb 13, 2007.

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  1. We should hang our heads in shame

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  2. £5? Woah, big spender

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  1. Ok, we all know valentines day is approaching, so me and a mucker went shopping today to get the usual tat and dross for our better halves. Now, we decided to challenge ourselves to only a fiver each, and with that, I bought a tacky card, kinky present, bottle of coke and a bus ticket home. Opinion is divided at college- are we tight cnuts, or true men?

    Standing by for incoming from the females :headbang:
  2. as a female,i'd rather get something which made me laugh than soppy drivel!(Or something i could drink :) )
  3. List of what you bought and where please!! :thumleft:
  4. Perfectly acceptable, as long as you get a reward afterwards....
  5. On valentine's day hold out the present and say 'Swap!'. If the tight fisted fecker hasn't got you anything, you don't need to give her anything other than a sound boning.
  6. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    I think you answered your own question by admitting being a student!

    Tight cunts!
  7. Ok, card- £1, Clintons, High Street, East Grinstead. Prezzy, £1.49, also Clintons, bottle of coke, 70p (deal, two for £1.40, split with mucker) Woolworths, also High Street EG, Bus fare £1. 80

    Total: £4.99- not a bad day's work :)

    Ok, I asked for that one, but for the record, I work part time in a pub, know what soap is, despise 'che' t-shirts and am joining the TA in a coupla months. Have a good day tomorrow everyone ha ha.
  8. Wife and I have kept our cards from many years ago. We put them up every year and feel very romantic. Ah the joys of being married a long time.
  9. My missus doesn't do Valentine's, which is useful. She's also away so I'm getting out of having to be nice.

    However, after the 14th I will buy her a couple of things for when she gets back:
    1. Mug from Disney store (She had trouble choosing between 2 that made her laugh at the weekend, I'll be the perfect boyfriend and get her the otherone! (she's 26, honest)) £7
    2. Chocs: will be buying after 14th so hopefully cut price, £5 max
    3. Something cheap and kinky from Ann Summers, £5 max.

    So no more than £17, hopefully cheaper and massive boyfriend points. Cheaper than a meal out and probably cheaper than flowers and chocs if buying before 14th.

    £5er each? Well done. As long as your missus thinks you're the best lay she's ever had and you make her giggle occasionally you'll go far.

  10. That has yet to be proven
  11. 2nd that

  12. "Get your cunt out"

    Fucking laugh at that. Then post some pics of your beef curtains on here.
  13. As my bird is still married and hubby is still around sent this as e-mail attatchment
    cost £0
  14. IF i was EVER going to get my cnut out,it would not be for a soap dodger! :)
  15. msr

    msr LE

    Would you for £5?