cheapest webbing available?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by muzungu_marlow, Feb 22, 2010.

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  1. This is really more of a call to airsofters and bedroom warriers.

    The wife and I are off on a motorbike trip and given the tiny amount of space available on the bikes, I figured that webbing/ chest rig would be a good way to store all the personal kit you have to carry, freeing up the bike for all the medical kit we're delivering.

    Given that spending 100 odd quid on a spanking bit of PLCE that is far too hard wearing, I figured that some basic stuff wouldn't last 5 mins in theatre would be perfect. Really just a load of utility pouches would be fine. Anyone know of any suppliers that provide cheap webbing and would love to give a good cahrity a decent discount?
  2. For as much medical kit as you can deliver by motorbike why not just post it and carry your holiday clothes on the bike?
  3. We live out here and the villages we are targetting have no access to post or medical resources, all the kit is malaria based, the nets, meds and educational stuff. The rural locations have no access to healthcare of any kind and are in the middle of nowhere, most of which barely have road access.
  4. Try XMOD who appear on the advertising banners on here;

    I purchased from them 1 x geniune chest rig (NI pattern) in DPM for £12-50 plus vat & postage. (Next day delivery from Scotland to Buckinghamshire). (The same version in the supplus shops sell for over £35).

    I use it on the motor bike underneath a oversized olive green smock (I fill the pouches with spares, tools, first aid kit, Docs etc).

    I also use a 58 patt belt modified with a roll pin buckle and as many 58 pattern water bottle pouches that fit my slender frame for food, H2O, cooker etc.

    I would advoid the cheap copies as I had a small rucksack/pack fail on me whilst riding, spare kit all over the road!!.
  5. thanks driver, I'll have a nosey.
  6. Fair enough - you can see how it does sound a bit like some of the "Overseas aid adventure tourism" that goes on.

    I would avoid wearing anything much on your body while on a bike though. If you come off you don't want it snagging and bouncing you around.

    The bike is still taking the weight. I'd suggest finding somewhere else to strap it on - any way you can or:

    b) Use two bikes.
    c) Use a 4x4.

    Isn't fuel range a bit of an issue for you?
  7. We have two bikes at present. But when you factor in the quantity of kits we need to distribute, it doesnt leave a lot of space for personal kit, but I appreciate what your saying. A 4x4 is out as it is slower and much of the area we cover, wont have the roads or terrain to support, it's mostly small footpaths. We have a fuel distance of 250 km including reserve and we've set our route out to coincide with reliable fuel supplies.
  8. Have you got a pic of the bikes loaded with everything so far, pannier configuration etc?
  9. Viper rigs are quite cheap £30/£50 and come in black as well as other coloursViper
  10. Viper and Webtex are trading from the same location/company in Bedfordshire.

    If you wish to use there kit, write directly to the company at Haynes Bedfordshire (between Bedford and Luton on the A6 near to Junc with A507) and ask for a discount/ trade deal and if overseas VAT free..

    One of the Surplas Stores (I can't remember which one) are selling the Artkiss Medical Combat Vest for around £60 in olive drab. If I can find the dealer I may even buy one myself, bigger pouches equals more kit!!
  11. Webtex and a few extra pouches should be good, wont cost much either
  12. I was close with a geniune "NI CHEST RIG in DPM" from Xmod for £12-50 plus vat and postage.

    If you wish to deal with wholesale traders try;

    Military Surplus
    N17 0QJ
    If for export - VAT free.