Cheapest Racing pace stick in rosewood

Use the search function.

Or google.

Has everyone lost their initiative nowadays??!
I'm currently struggling with what to do, I've just breathed some air in, what do I do now?
Spotted a very nice 19th Century Swagger Stick with about 18" of shiny sharp blade tucked into it in the Royal Armouries this weekend?

Will that be of use..?
Make your own.

Issue broom stick: smooth it down with some number 2 and finish with fine: measure: split it, using a very fine jig saw: swear 'cos you cocked it up: do it all again, only this time get it right: buy some fittings from somewhere like John Bull Military clothing: mark it up and cut out for fitting: fit them and give it a dry run: remove them all: stain, stain and stain again: apply about 10 coats of good floor varnish: buff and polish - refit brass work: put on your 2 dress, stand in front of mirror and look Very Pleased.

..........or, failing that, buy one for £130 from somewhere like

95 quid

tyoe the words pace and stick into a website called ebay and remember-trousers down before you sit on the bog!

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