cheapest fags in europe ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BLACK_MOUNTAIN_ELVIS, Aug 12, 2006.

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  1. driving down to bos in a couple of weeks for a whistle stop tour of split/mostar/sarajevo and banja luka ( unfortunately bringing doris with me!!) where is cheapest place to get cigs? presumeably bos/croat as its not proper EC? will be leaving on 23rd if anyone needs anything bringing over (usual customs restrictions apply so no munitions/sheep etc !! :D ) pile of free porn to anyone who signs me in as a guest to their mess at the metal factory!
  2. I'm flying to Hungary in two weeks, and I've considered moving onto the Ukrain, or the Balklands...

    anyway, I've looked into Hungary, and I'm only allowed to bring back 200, so maybe it's the same with where your going.
  3. Watch out for counterfeit cigs. PM on its way.
  4. ahhhhhhhhhh you are on about cigarettes...............................sh1te.
  5. cheers Trackpen! as for counterfeit cigs ? in present line of work came across two egyptian air crew whom were attempting to import counterfeit from china , wouldnt believe how much there are banging around!
  6. RAF many as you can carry with no questions asked