Cheapest 44 pattern bottles

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by REMEbrat, Aug 18, 2007.

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  1. Where is the cheapest place to buy '44 pattern water bottles with mugs?

    15 years ago I bought a pair at an airshow but they came with metal lids that offered zero waterproofing so I have finally decided to buy a replacement pair. Looking at the main surplus companies on the net £15 seems to be to norm but to me that sounds very expensive for 63 year old water bottles!

    Somebody on here must know where they can get hold of them cheaper.....
  2. Why '44 Pattern?

    You can buy very similar Danish waterbottles for about a fiver.
  3. They have a slightly larger capacity than '58 and being metal there is virtually zero chance of them being split open by freezing water.

    Oh and should the water inside freeze it is possible to hang bottle over fire to thaw it.
  4. eBay:

    If you want one in good nick see above.

    Some times you see them included with other kit, though most of the 'used' ones I've seen you really wouldn't want to put your mouth anywhere near!
    Aside from the fact that they quite often look like they have been used to hammer in tent pegs!
    Some of these bottles are quite old now, does anyone know if Aluminium gets 'evil' with age?
  5. It sounds like you've been reading the extremist of extremely extreme survival books.

    If you are planning on going somewhere that cold..... cold enough to freeze the water in your water bottle so you have to hang it over a fire before you can drink it....... you should consider something more up to the job than a manky old bit of kit bought from ebay.

    Try something from Sigg.
  6. Even metal bottles will split. The amount of times I've seen Sigg bottles split when filled with Naptha at -30 then taken into a warm building are too many to count without taking your boots off.

    Simple answer is carry one more bottle and only fill them 3/4 full, the air gap allows for expansion and the bottle won't split. Also handy if you have dented bottles, 3/4 fill them with water and bung them in the freezer, the dent pops out over night but the air stops it from splitting.
  7. Never thought of that, one 'tent peg mallet' aka 44 patt bottle now has a date with the freezer!