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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by rgjbloke, May 23, 2012.

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  1. We have a sizeable population from Eastern Europe living in Britain now. Some of them, particularly the Polish immigrants have been here for several years now and like any group growing roots in their new country, they are assimulating into the wider fabric of society and that particularly includes the job market.

    For instance, if you go into a large number of banks now, chances are, there may well be a Pole or two dishing out the readies to you or taking your money off you to pay a bill which brings me to the nub of the matter!

    Both of my son's have full driving licenses but neither of them drive at the moment because the insurance costs are so high. The oldest one left Uni last year and is working with me to set up a new business. The youngest one is still at Uni although he graduates shortly. My youngest son has a couple of young Polish mates who work in a bank and he told me how they sort out their car insurance needs very cheaply.

    They quite simply insure their cars in Poland at Polish rates and then drive them in Britain. So, fully insured at a fraction of the cost of insuring with a British insurance firm.

    My point is this! If people can access insurance conpanies in places like Poland and get substantially better deals, surely the rest of us can do the same? Poland like many other places are a part of the European Union. Surely that's one of the reasons for the E.U. existing, common market and all that?

    What do you think. Am I missing something?
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  2. I would hate for one of your sons mates to run into me..... getting any form of payout from a Polish company would be most unlikely .
    Surley it's the reverse of when I take my car to Europe ? you have to get a green card or notify the insurer and there is a limit of how many days you can be abroard for.
    Plenty of boys in blue on here who would know but I doubt your sons mates are properly insured .... not that the law will take any action as it might be seen to be racist .... you know the same thing they do regards Pik*ys ..... " sorry sir you can't call them that and we won't get a conviction so we won't bother trying ."
  3. Does it sound too good to be true?
  4. It depends on the Polish insurance company that you use. However, since Poland is in the EU the insurance cover you buy there has to be compatible with that which is available in other EU countries. Have a look at:

    Buying Polish Car Insurance « British In Poland
  5. EU view - for what it's worth - is here:

    EU - Validity of car insurance when moving abroad – Your Europe

    "The authorities should accept insurance cover from any insurance company: based in that country or with an office there;
    without an office in that country but authorised to provide services there."

    Authorised to provide services means they have a insurance 'passport' for the country you are resident in (which must be within the EEA).

    This all blew-up whilst I was posted to Madrid in 2003 - 04 - all the Brits had Gibraltar-based car insurance, but had to switch to Spanish firms because of passporting issues.


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  6. Evidently not judging from the two posts after yours eh!
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  7. I'm sure it'll work out fine.