cheaper booze

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by rct-once, Dec 23, 2008.

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  1. i found some spirit essences on the net and thought to meself mmmmm! possible cheap drink here and being as im a tight barsteward thought ill give em a go with a bit of sceptism i ordered some rum and malt whisky essence and went out for a coupla litres of cheap vodka or you can use korn anyone who has done time with bfg will know how cheap that stuff is well anyway the idea is chuck about 20 ml of this stuff in a ltr of vodka shake and wait a coupla days for it to blend nicely well i couldnt believe the taste obviously it aint glenmorangie or anything but for a cheap malt a like it aint bad and the rum will suit the uncle alberts a treat if anyone wants to know where to get it i will say but i aint trying to sell it just in case anyone thinks im spammin it
  2. If, on your travels for vodka, you find some punctuation please feel free to stick it in your post. Ta.
  3. Just heard this joke:

    Picture the scene, we're on the Death Star and Darth Vadar and Luke Skywalker and engaging in Christmas peace talks. They decide to take a short coffee break and are busy eating biscuits and chatting about football when Darth turns to Luke and tells him,
    "I know what you're getting for your Christmas Luke."
    Luke turns to Darth and asks, "how do you know that Father? There's no way you can possibly know that!"
    Darth turns to Luke and whispers,
    "I felt your presence" :D :D :D
  4. imsosorrybutpunctuationandgrammerhaveneverbeenastrongpointbuticanspellandfireagunifthatsanyhelp
  5. It sounds absolutly gahstly... I'd rather drink a cuppa tea.
  6. I agree, are we talking about Intergeri's appalling joke?
  7. Hello Legs haven't heard from you for a while!
  8. Hello! I might've known you'd show up in a thread mentioning 'booze' and 'cheap'...
  9. Ifyoufireagunaswellasyouspell................................

    Everyone else - Keep your heads down

  10. Mummy takes little Johnny to the zoo. As they pass the elephant cage, the elephant has an erection.

    "What's that, Mummy?" asks the child.
    "Nothing, Johnny, nothing," says the embarrassed mother, swiftly leading him on.

    A week later Johnny's dad takes him and the same happens. "What's that, Daddy?"
    "That, son, is the elephant's penis."
    "Mummy said it was nothing."
    "Your mother's spoiled, Son!"

    Better? :D
  11. Didn't know you knew my son Johnny. ;)

  12. I know all ur family markintime :twisted: lmao
  13. You're not on my Facebook are you? :lol:
  14. Not yet :D But that'll give me something to do later :wink:

  15. check out the new way of spelling special ! in glass houses stones don't live people who throw rearrange to suit