cheap xbox 360

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by mattmo74, Nov 8, 2007.

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  1. this might be worth a punt :)|Games*4294312962|Xbox%20360*4294362287|Hardware
  2. Hmm, how long before they realise their mistake?

    I'm debating ordering one or not.
  3. Are the legally obliged to cough up despite their mistake?
  4. £34.88 including postage and packing, bargain! We'll see if it works. I've taken a screenshot of the price and have printed out a confirmation of my order just to be sure.

    Watch this ebay, I mean space.
  5. Can't get the page to load, f*king tinternet!
  6. I think they've taken the page down.
  7. you sure its not controller only?
    # Genre: Hardware
    # Sub Genre: Controllers
    # Release date: 26 October 2007
    # Format: Xbox 360
    # Certificate: P12+
  8. I've just checked the small print and it definately says that the bundle includes a console, 2 x games and a wireless controller.

    Also, controllers don't have a Certificate.
  9. One of the guys in work rang Tesco to ask about it, which we all had a go at him about. They said they are going to cancel all orders for it. Any of the legal bods on here help us out with this one?
  10. Bought and paid for, gents. And trust me, I'll kick up a hell of a stink when they try backing out of it.
  11. Breach of contract, surely?
  12. Something along those lines. Any lawyer types on here care to shed any light?
  13. All doing a bit of shopping, obviously....
  14. They've listed it under those categories, but they've also broken down a description of the package;


    Bundle Contents: An Xbox 360 console + 2 games + Wireless Controller.

    Xbox 360 System:

    The Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system places you at the centre of the experience. Xbox 360 ignites a new era of digital entertainment that is always connected, always personalized and always in high definition.

    Xbox 360 delivers the ultimate gaming and entertainment experience for the best value. It is fully loaded with a hard drive, wireless controller and headset for anyone who wants to take advantage of the full power of the system.

    Xbox 360 System includes:

    - Console

    - Hard Drive (20GB)

    - Wireless Controller

    - Headset

    - All cables for Standard and HD TVs

    - Headset

    - Free access to Xbox Live PLUS 30 Day free Xbox Live Gold trial

    Wireless Controller

    The Xbox 360 Wireless Controller delivers high-performance wireless gaming, plus features the Xbox Guide Button for quick access to digital movies, music and games libraries. It has a range of up to 30 feet and a battery life of up to 30 hours on two AA batteries.

    2 games

    - Forza Motorsports:

    You Are What You Race Get behind the wheel of Forza Motorsport, the most realistic and customisable driving experience on Xbox. Create your own totally customised racecar. Then, powered through the world`s great race circuits with unprecedented realism. Here`s your chance to own the cars that own the competition. Make Every Car Yours. Choose from more than 230 models from all the top manufacturers. Trick out your ride with custom paint schemes, decals, and authentic aftermarket parts. Tune It Up. Then Tear It Up. Tweak your ride from spoiler to turbo charger. Play around with the ride height, tyre pressure - even gear ratios. Then, buckle up for insanely realistic physics with performance specs direct from the manufacturer. The Ultimate Car Culture. Talk shop - or trash - in intense Xbox Live online multiplayer racing. Trade cars online, create Car Clubs, or
    More info...

    * Catalogue number: MS00729
  15. Ah well, wait and see, I ordered 2. And have 2 order confirmations in my inbox.