CHEAP watches for sale - £5!!!

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Goku, Apr 17, 2006.

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  1. It’s a fact of life that when you’re on exercise playing soldiers your going to get bruised, battered, dirty, wet – and this applies to the kit you have with you as well.
    Soldiers, just like anyone else, need to be able to tell the time but ideally you don’t want to have a watch with you that you’re going to care about damaging.

    I have 20 copy watches for sale, fresh from the markets of China.
    They’re black with a rubber strap, digital, come with a light, and some have a stop watch (but I haven’t checked which ones).

    I’m selling them for £5 each, that includes P+P for those of you in the UK, anyone overseas will have to pay for postage.

    I have 5 different styles which I’m practically giving away…

    1) [​IMG] I have 3 of these.

    2) [​IMG] I have 5 of these.

    3) [​IMG] I have 5 of these.

    4) [​IMG] I have 5 of these.

    5) [​IMG] I have 2 of these.

    I’ve been using the same copy watch on TA weekends for the past year. It’s been chipped, scratched, covered in mud, rained on, and it’s still going.
    I expect the same kind of durability from these watches.

    If you’re interested in buying one these watches for the low low price of £10 – send me a PM with an address to send your purchase to and I’ll let you know my paypal account where you can make the low low payment of £5.

    Once payment has been received I’ll send you your shiny new watch.

    This is a one off sale as I have no interest in starting a business, so buy now while stocks last :D
  2. Do you have a yellow Reliant van ?
  3. Damn, my ARRSE identity has been exposed.

    Want to buy a watch?
  4. Is your middle name Ling?
  5. Buy my watches :D

    £5 each.

    It’s a deal, it’s a steal, it’s the sale of the fcuking century :D
  6. You're 'aving a laugh! None of them have right time on 'em - What use is that to me??? :lol:

  7. I would rather buy the van for a fiver.

    You f ucking word stealer. :wink: