cheap tack or patriotic collectable?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Filbert Fox, Jun 21, 2004.

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  1. Cheap tack that LNV would buy

  2. Godamn, it makes me proud to buy such top quality pap

  1. Just found this picture on one of LNVs posts at Mil.chod.


    what do you reckon?
  2. Wow, didnt know you could still buy "tackywear"

  3. Is it a Franklin Mint limited run of 1 000 000, each individualy hand painted by a machine?

    MankyMonkey should buy them up for $2.00 each and flog them off in the ARRSE shop for just 10 easy payments of $59.99 plus $59.99 p&p to gullible spams. :D
  4. looks like the sort of thing they do spoof ads for in the back of "Viz".
  5. Looks like the sort of crap me Gran brings home from Bingo! :x

    Do they do them in matching pairs, would make a tastful set of bookends! 8O
  6. This is almost as good as the R Lee Ermey 'motivational figure' (=dolly), which speaks, or rather makes those odd 'hooah' noises.

    The saluting plastic Marine is on a par with my lurid green wailing mosque alarum clock, the must-have souvenir of Saif Sareea II - do you think LNV would swap? :lol:
  7. No deal, the mosque is by far better.
  8. Probably manufactured in Hong Kong, by a firm that had 500,000 Gay Action Man dolls that it couldn't shift. A bit like the episode of "Fools and Horses", where Del-boy has thousands of Pope dolls on his hands, and he converts them to Elvis dolls :D .
  9. very very tacky , perfect for Blackpool :)
  10. Yeah very tacky,however i bet all over the U.S of A proud moms and pops have got one and look at it sayin stuff like "gawd bless billy bob wherever he is"

    Normally he`s sat in a P.X. moaning about british squaddies buying anything that moves!!
  11. I got my dad one of them. My mum hid it from him after 2 days.
  12. :lol: is there a picture of one of them ?
  13. Aah the days being woken by a pink variant of the "Mosque Alarm Cloque (sic)".... pure genius!

    I want one... any ideas ? (Pink or green, though I have heard that the Minarets are a tad spikey and dangerous! 8O )
  14. Not Unless you have a bloody good medium or your thinking of topping yourself. :lol:
  15. Alas, my mosque is currently packed away in a box, or I would oblige with a pic. The minarets are v. fragile, and it is unusual to find an example with both minaret spires and crescent moon intact - fans of Antiques Roadshow will no doubt keep theirs in pristine boxed condition. There are two variants - one has just two 'wails', whilst the one I have was recommended by the shopkeeper because it has the 'full azan', or five different wails.