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I am looking at buying a cheap 7 inch tablet for easy internet and email access which I can fit in my pocket.

I have a few requirements:

- front facing camera for skype
- flash enabled
- preferably sd/microsd slot for expandability

I am looking at paying £50-£90.

Any advice gratefully received - willing to wait until Jan sales to get a good deal!


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**deja vu**
I have a Samsung 7 Tab with a 16gb card in and it is BRILLIANT! I have it loaded with books, music, photos and loads of apps (Rum Ration and ARRSE to name but two!) etc. I splashed out and got the pricey but very slim leather case for it, so it sits nicely in my pocket. The mini SD cards are very cheap here too - my 16gb one was 8 euros!

I got it here in Spain, but when home in Glasgow last week saw it in Currys for about 120 quid - worth vey penny! I can also recommend Maccy D and M&S for free WiFi when you are out and about.
What Bettarider said, or Carphone warehouse have a unbranded one for around £50-60, my lad was having a mess with it at the weekend and was quite impressed, not sure of spec though.
Just got one of these for my lad for xmas

I took it out of the box for a quick play, and now I want one too.
Its awesome.
£85 and its got the cameras, good processor speed, decent enough RAM , wi-fi, etc.
Seconded. I got one for my weekly commute and it does the job nicely, especially for the price. I use it for ebooks, movies, angry birds and had no problems tethering it to my phone. I would recommend a decent case; they don't like too much abuse.
I bought a Nexus 7, maybe it's not as cheap as you're looking but it's still a great tablet for its price. I've rooted it and flashed a new ROM and kernel. It runs extremely smoothly.

I simply can't trust a brand that I've never heard of, but I don't deny that there are some really great tablets out there from less popular companies.

For example this article that I read a while back,, There's an Indian tablet for around 50$, unbelievable!

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