Cheap source of Webtex webbing

I have just found the local dealer for Webtex webbing in the South west.

He is Kevin Stalker []

He is about 1/2 the price of Silvermans, and is based in Calne. If your in the market for a Chest rig or Assault vest give him a shout.


I Trade in Webtex Items, when you have got a quote, email me and Ill see if I can get you a better deal! :D :D


Some is some isn't!

Basically The Battle vest's and webbing match MOD spec for IRR, but then the MOD don't release the Spec!. As for the other stuff, not normally.

I would rather tell the truth then have a slotted squaddie.

If you want o know more then email me.....


Kit Reviewer
IRR ? No. Add to that polyprop webbing, piss poor thread/stitching & you've got kit that ain't soldier-proof. Won't sell it to anyone other than cadets


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Old threads - geddittttt, very funny.

Yeah, I sell Webtex too, and Viper, and any other old chinese-made shoit that happens to come along at basement prices.

If you want something REALLY bad, well, that's what this thread is about right?

Try The Outdoorsman (01424 429343) - They sell 'Trojan', Warrior' and 'Blackhawk' gear, as well as Webtex and Viper.
For f*cks sake, don't get Web-Tex. It's rubbish material, badly stitched and the clips on the Multicam/MTP stuff are black, as opposed to a sensible tan or olive green. If you want cheap webbing, the stuff by Kombat looks similar, but is massively better build quality. A set of 2 ammo pouches (the ones that can hold six in two sections), two utility pouches, belt and yoke will set you back less than £60 on ebay, and will last for yonks. Yeah, it's not IRR, but neither is Web-Tex, and at least with Kombat, you'll arrive with the same amount of kit you left with, as opposed to having a utility pouch split on the way and dump all your food in the mud.

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