Cheap Sony C905 for sale.

I met a mate of mine for a beer, he'sa postman, and he has a cheap Sony Ericsson C905 for sale. He's not sure where it came from, but apparently it's legit, brand new, and working. Offers please.




Pop it in the post, i'll send the cash directly. Someone will be here to sign for it when it arrives.


Kit Reviewer
Does it have any decent grotty pics of his (or anyone else's) wife on there?
vvaannmmaann said:
Isn't the title of the jpeg a slight problem?
I'm all for honesty in advertising,but.................'s done on purpose. Check the link in this thread.
Gadget phone for blokes with small cocks! :roll:
Mr_Deputy said:
isn't there not (ironically?) a current thread on arrse about someone not getting a phone they ordered and what to do about it?
You mean the thread mentioned at the top of this thread, perchance?? :D

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