Cheap Softie Jacket wanted.. help please!

Following the mysterious disapperance of my old reversable sleeka jacket (blue / green) via the MFO box system ( :roll: :x ) I am after a new one.

The only problem is that I managed to get the last one inc delivery from flea bay for £45 and after looking around various other sites as well I am stumped to find one for less then £60 inc delivery!!

Best I have found is a plain green for £50 from USMC ltd, which I will go for if nothing better seen but I'd prefer the reversable for a bit of civvie use.

Anyone know of any cheap suppliers?

Cheers in advance!!
Depends where you live.

Not many people know this, but the factory (in Yorkshire) has a shop where they sell seconds and stuff with minor defects at reduced prices. The address is on the website for Snugpak (Near Keighly north of Bradford). If you can get there they have some bargains (Jackets, Rucksacks and Sleeping Bags - Civvy and Military).

Knowing that there not any stupid questions - just stupid people: :D

Why don't you claim on your kit insurance? The whole contents must be more than your excess.
Thanks Good CO!

Anyone rate those at all then?? Much of an improvement over Softie at all?

Calvin - Sadly I'm right at the bottom of the country (Pompey) so Yorkshire is a bit of a trek!! Cheers anyway!

Felix - You are correct and I am one of those stupid people! Didn't have kit insurance at the time and it was just my softie and pocket rocket cooker pikeied from the box during transit nearly 2 years ago so wouldn't have been worth the excess anyway (have been out of the system since). :(
You can have my one if you want. About 5 years old. No tears in fabric but needs a quick wash. Non reversable bought from camping shop.

£40 to Holidays for Heros and its yours.
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