Cheap Pints, are they worth it?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by chris951, Jun 27, 2006.

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  1. Have you been drinking? If not, why not? You have gone down in my estimations.
  2. Definitely mate, sometimes as good as cheap whores

    It depends what you are asking for though, a nice taste and the satisfaction, or knowing that your money has been saved and you are lagging yourself because you can.

    The golden seal has been broken, and there is nothing you can do about it in the taxi, less for the 25 quid you paid for lagging, that you saved on a cheap pint, you fucking soapdodger, and doesn't that bhaji look good on your shoes outside your girlfriend's front door, when you bring her flowers from the curry house?

    Cheap pints? The Devil's Own. (he told me to say that.)
  3. Cheap pints? I sh*t 'em (she told me to say that)
  4. Cheap Pints are excellent. Nothing else to say.
  5. Yup, I did start this thread whilst under the influence of a certain amount of hard liquor. It was my back-lash against the "insert trade] are they worth it?" threads, which to my mind are silly to the point of being very silly.

    I always remember (sort of) a conversation I had with my pappy (back in the days when we did actually speak). I had expressed a desire to join the forces, in fact I wanted to join the Royal Signals - just like him! Please note that I am an ex-tech whilst dear ol' dad was an RTG/YofS/Tfc Offr - ohh how my eventual choice must have pained him. (Perhaps that's why we no longer speak)

    His recommendation was that I became an officer, at the time I didn't quite realise why. He then said if not an officer at least a technical trade - again I didn't understand why. Now I think I do - it's because the beer in the messes (officers & SNCOs) is cheaper!! By being a Tech the intention was I would get to the mess quicker therefore being able to consume cheap beer for more of my career.

    Sorry dad, it didn't work. I became a tech but it still took me just over 8 years to make Sgt. Mainly due to being a complete waster who earnt enough to buy expensive beer.

    If you are hoping for a point to this post you are going to be disappointed, there isn't one. The simple fact is I AM BORED SH1TLE55 AT WORK!!
  6. You might be bored, but today is Wednesday, which means in good old Blandford its bottomless glass in tiffs, and I for one intend to get absolutely totalled.

    I love sticky floor clubs where you can drink till you drop...........
  7. Ahhhh during my long term foray to the LSRC last year, I did suffer the extreme hardship of tottering back from Tiffs (via the kebab shop) to the Crown Hotel.
  8. I went last Wednesday while on course. Got into Tiffs nice and early to avoid the rush and get my money's worth. Easily got £12's worth of pissy John Smith's, but I was that slaughtered it seemed like the place was nearly empty and the rush never came. Not like the good old days. I think I might have got my kebab as it was still in my arms when I woke up!
  9. Cheap beer is acceptable as long as the %vol is over 5. That is the standard expected, if you are looking for quality, look no further than a good old bottle of London pride.
  10. Theres only 1 thing better than a cheap pint and that is a cheap pint that is bought for you!!!! If cheap pints didn't exist then sproggy Lt's wouldn't be able to go on the Pi$$!!!!!!!!!!