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if you are in Germany (landline) you can use 01081 prefix to calls to blighty 3.5 cents per min and inter germay mobile at@ 13 cents per min.

Does any one have a prefix number to use in UK to Phone Germany

Didnt know where to post , s'upose this i'll do
I used to use alpha. They have a website (maybe alphatelecom dot something). It was a pre-pay service and cost 3p per min from UK to Germany. I think they may have gone up now though. One-Tel used to be cheap but firms are always outdoing each other all the time.
Cheep calls ? easy
1 Wait till mate goes to showers
2 Borrow his mobie
3 use mobie
4 erase out going call register
5 replace borrowed mobie
6 always take your mobie to the showers :twisted:

Not that i would do any thing like that :wink:


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Try Swiftcall, another pre-pay firm, I used to use them a lot.

Dial 0800 769 0800 - or was it 0800 769 8000 ?

Either way it's a freefone no (from landlines)

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