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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by MilitaryWatches, Feb 6, 2007.

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  1. We have a batch of G10/A watches produced in December 2006 for a US contract. They have real glass and a Swiss movement. We are selling them for £34.99 inc UK/BFPO shipping. MWC have the same watch at £49.00 + shipping. These come in their original packaging with the contract number and a load of other stuff on - sorry no posh tin at this price, you have to take them with the original contract box.

    If you are looking for a G10 to wear when you don't want to damage your issue or expensive watch, or are looking for a G10 for TA or Cadets then this is a good buy.

    They come with a black G10 strap and have fixed bars.

    More information can be found HERE

  2. However if you go diffy they are under £20 old style or new style with date for less than £30
  3. First time I heard of the army giving anything away. When I was in it used to be about £50 if you went diffy a G10. As the cost price of a CWC G10 (the ones you are talking about) is more than £20, you could do a good trade on ebay if you could get them. In fact, as CWC's sell on ebay for between £40 and £60 used, I am surprised the QM's havent got a waiting list to go diffy G10's if as you say, they only cost you £20 - £30
  4. Dont forget, they are a "star'd" item. I know this doesnt mean a great deal these days but i very nearly got in the sh*t over losing one in Macedonia. The SIB even got involved at one point!
  5. Loose a g10 and despite all the shouting, screaming and threats from the QM you still only get charged around 17 pounds.

    MWC never had a military contract, here in the UK, in the US or anywhere else apparently, despite their advertising.

    Might be great watches, might be great value but they were never issued. Which leads to the question why, if they are any good, lie about their being issued.

    Ask at places like or

  6. The G10 watches cost 20/30 quid depending on which one you have, if you go diffy one you should be charged 75% of the Basic price plus VAT. An absolute bargain I reckon though I'd suggest making friends with a REME chappy who can write them off with a 1043, not the done thing of course but hey if top echelon officers can waste millions on the SA80 fiasco or Chally 2 dessie filters then who cares about 20 quid?!
  7. Plus 7% overseas carriage if not in the UK
  8. Unfortunately you are wrong. CWC have tried to blacken MWC's name by claiming they have never been issued and this is where it all stems from. Can I refer you to the definitive work on Military Watches - 'A concise Guide to Military Timepieces 1880-1990' by Z.M Wesolowski ISBN 1 86126 304 X Where you will find details of MWC's issue of W10's to BAOR and the Ghurka's

    Also a unit serving in Iraq did a 1 for 1 swap with MWC for their Battery Hatch version. This was last year and because they did not like the CWC clip on backs. MWC were (and probably still are) selling these off on their own site as 'trade in' watches.

    I have nothing against CWC, indeed they are excellent watches but Silvermans/CWC will not allow anyone else to sell these new. They seem to want to protect their own margins.

    MWC G10PVD versions have been supplied to a specialist police unit in the UK and they also supply other equipment on a UK Government contract.

    All the above is fact and not something I may have heard some guy say in a chat room or forum.
  9. I suppose it depends if it is a Pulsar or a CWC, and I seem to remember when I went diffy anything you would often as not get a used and abused replacement, I can't remember getting anything new from the QM apart from clothing. Or has it changed now? When a watch is handed back in to the QM does he throw it in the bin? or perhaps he issues it again to someone who has just paid £30............... one careful owner :biggrin:
  10. I've bought a watch off your website and was more than happy with the watch and the speed of delivery, cheers.

    And no, I don't know the owner/had his babies/got a freebie etc!
  11. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    CWC were the supplier of preference for the MOD for many years for the standard "G10" watch however, in around 1998/99, the contract was lost to MWC, this was shortly after Silvermans purchased the Cabot Watch Company. This would have been recorded in the MOD Contracts Bulletin at the time.

    Since the mid nineties the purchasing of all timepieces for both personal and aircraft installation has been much more of a competitive tender process and less of an incumbant supplier just booking orders at any price.

    As a note, CWC are not a firm of watch manufacturers, they are a brand that subcontracts manufacture to other watch companies. I assume that MWC are likely the same. This does not mean they are a bad thing, after all.
  12. Some of the confusion over MWC's watches is that there are many models which were not issued, but which many outlets advertise as issue watches.

    My 'G10' is the Broadarrow brand and came from Timefactors. Not issue, but an excellent, very robust watch that has served me well on exercise and ops. Eddie Platts, who runs Timefactors, has produced some very good watches based on the issue items but with improved movements. He's also revived the Precista brand, which was a brand that produced RAF watches for a time. He has some interesting military watches from other countries, too. His watches are generally more traditionally styled than those sold by Military Watches.
  13. What is the waiting time for delivery of your watches?
  14. Mate not slagging off the make etc or your good self as a site sponsor its hats off to you
    All im saying is if blokes at our place go diffy its cos they "lost it" so I then redemand a new watch issue it out and he goes diffy as he "lost it" do you see the theme
    I dont care if I do this to every bloke in the Sqn Because they should be an issued item also if they sign the bill then find it they can get the money back, but come on the issue watch is 20 or 30 quid depending on which type it is.

    Edited as bratty fingers and stella strike again
  15. What the heck , support the site sponsor, If I had any wrists I would buy one.