Cheap MTP Webbing?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by johnhumphries38, Jul 21, 2013.

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  1. So, after the recent release of MTP to the public, and having been in cadets for 6 months, I've heard my detachment will be issued MTP in September of this year, and I've already got an MTP MOLLE bergen and hydration pack, so that's fine, but in terms of webbing, we've been told if we want MTP webbing, we'll need to source it ourselves as the detachment will only be getting it next Jun/Jul, so I've been looking for a cheapish (under £70) MTP webbing. I know I need airborne style, all 1 level stuff, cus I'm sick of the cadet vests with pouches in places where pouches just can't be. Anyone got any ideas or able to point me in the direction of some suitable stuff?



  2. Why do you need AB Webbing, are they throwing kids out of aeroplanes again?

    On a serious note, save your money and spend it on booze and women of easy virtue.

    What is wrong with your old PLCE DPM Cool Retro webbing?
  4. Ahaha, Well, the thing is with the old DPM cadet vests like this the pouches are so inconveniently placed because half the time, we're trecking around with our 25kg Bergen's and the straps go right over the top pouches, so the only useful ones are the two lower ones on each side, meaning I've only got space for a canteen, 2 mags, and some rations or cleaning kit. Thanks for the life advice btw :)
  5. Medwaymud mate, Im almost 16 :)
  6. Just get a cheap old set of PLCE, airborne webbing is wholehearted unecessary, you're doing cadet stuff. An SA assault vest does the job too to be honest.

    Do you even need mtp really? Ask yourself, really? DPM fades reasonably enough anyway, and when you're covered in mud...

    But yeah, those cadet vests are a bit pants.
  7. Cheers muggy, as much as I'd like some fresh new MTP AB, s'pose I could settle for something a little less pricy :D
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  8. Those ones are fairly decent, an arbitrary search of PLCE on ebay showed full sets for a similar price.

    The colouring isn't mtp, but it's not like a bright brand new set of dpm. Personally I think it's reasonable. At least as workable and probably better than Olive Green stuff on dpm kit.
  9. So for how many years have you been a ****** ?

    You are posting in the wrong Forum. Stick to ACF.

    I am not your mate. Hold your tongue until you have actually done something.
    Now shove off and do something.
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I think you are all missing a trick here, the assault vests obviously replicate the old 37 pattern set up.
    Retro is so ally!
  11. I don't think an TA units have MTP webbing yet so I doubt cadets will be getting it.
  12. Why is it wrong to ask a question about kit in the clothing & boots section?

    Why should he hold his tongue? He's keen, good for him. Who are you to tell him what he can and can't do?
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