Cheap, legitimate Microsoft Office Software

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Interceptor, Jul 21, 2009.

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  1. Have a look at this:

    Read the FAQs. It would appear that you only need to have a student somewhere in your family to qualify for these offers (and still keep your place in heaven).

    I know that there's an MoD Home User Programme as well, but that only applies if you can find a working DII/TAFMIS machine and you're still serving.

  2. A friend acquired me a full 2007 suite for nowt off a file sharing site, works a treat ;)
  3. *cough* well they're was a little press coverage on a leaked Office 2007 suite, the "Blue edition", was totally OEM and installed with no problems on those who acquired it off bittorrent sites when they looked it up under Office 2007 Blue Edition.

    It was totally illegal of course and not something you would want to be more doing in a business or educational environment.
  4. My friend acquired the enterprise edition. Installed no problem and works very well. ;)
  5. I have a full copy of office 2003 given to me free :)
  6. How about Open Office - totally free, fully supported, no bloatware and has what most people want out of the MS ofice suite. I myself am a convert.
  7. Open. Office? Its. Just. So. Bloody. Slow.
  8. Seedy (CD) alley still alive and well outside of Butmir Camp, Sarajevo albeit just the one shop there now... 8)
  9. Depending on your definition of 'cheap', our local Tesco Extra had (IIRC) Office 2007 Home & Student for £70 down from £100 last week.