Cheap laptop or Iphone?

Hello chaps,

I’ve managed to break my laptop! I’ve been taking it into work recently & the damn thing’s overheated or something. I was fairly confident I’d be able to fix it as it’s Win Vista but on reboot it won’t even load in safemode & crashes again when performing the computer repair thingy on startup. I was considering taking it to be fixed but I’ve had it about 3 years now so it’s probably out of date anyway… Not to mention my friend eer… Bob.. has used it for dubious purposes such as Japanese ladies stuffing various objects up their ricker, a remake of Dobbin & Catherine the Great & a delightful flic about Brazilian girls with high levels of flatulence 8O . With this in mind I think it would be quite awkward if ‘Bob’s’ strange habits were discovered by a computer repair man & it would probably be better to bury it deep in the woods!

It’s been almost a week now that I’ve had no internet, I’ve no TV either so I’m going technology cold turkey & it’s slowly driving me mad! I have to spend a while in hotels next week due to work so I need a replacement fast. My options to consider are either an apple iphone or a really cheap laptop with roaming internet connection. I already have the roaming internet dongle so the laptop does seem attractive. However, with an iphone I could access the internet from anywhere & it wouldn’t be as bulky as a laptop.

My specs for the laptop are thus:
As cheap as possible £100-£200?
Wireless internet
CD drive
Large C:
Preferably not second hand & available to purchase asap/this weekend so no mail order

For those of you with an iphone, do you recommend it? What are the benefits? I’m thinking of getting 8 gig £25 a month as I already have a mp3 player for music.

Thanks in advance,

The best laptyop deals are usually in the likes of Tesco and they are usually in stock if yo go to the bigger stores. Comet do some good deals too, though overall to get down to £200 you may well have to accept a netbook.

As for the Iphone having just got one they are great, but I would suggest the £25 a month deal is perhaps only good if you need a £25 month contract as the phone will cost you £600 if it is on the now more common 24 month contract.
I agree that Iphones are great, but in no way are they a substitute to a computer if you spend lots of time online!
If you want a phone.... buy one.

For t'interweb buy a aspire one... netbook for £250 from amazon. I'd rip the vista off and replace it with W7 first mind.
He's not really though, is he?

D_C, go for the cheapo laptop. Far more functionality and ease of use for general online malarkey.


now now jarrod be nice ( difficult i know with some folk)
Me meself i would go for a netbook why you ask as apple is overrated and overpriced.
My 2p's worth
right i'll fook off now


Thanks for the kind words :)

I'm actually using my old netbook right now, I accidentally trod on it ages ago & smashed half the screen so I can only view webpages through a small blob of 3 inches by 5. The keyboard is also far too small for my incredibly fat fingers. Tho hopefully I'll be able to order a half decent laptop online now. I almost brought one from Currys today for a rip off price but my bank card didn't go through.

That one msr posted in the other thread looks rather good, I wonder if I can pay it off over a few months as I don't have £400 lying around my flat at the moment?

Thanks again!

You can always look on ebay and get a second hand one and pimp it out at a later date. Cheap and environmentaly friendly. ....... plus you might find some home made porn on it.......
Do you guys have Harvey Norman shops in GB? They have a Acer laptop @ 199 clams. basic spec, but good enough. And not a fcuking iPhone.

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