Cheap kit for cadets, takes a bit of work though

I was searching for cheap kit for my sons cadet unit and looked up the local military wholesales company, Lagenfeld GI's in Hurn Airporrt Bournemouth.

I know from my own experience that getting kit in surplus shops can be expensive and a pain but the wholesaler's can make life quite a bit cheaper, though still not cheap.

This particular one is vast a great big old WWII bomber hangar full of gear. You need to make bulk purchases of around 300 pounds but if there are a few cadet detachments getting together to do this then kit can be found a lot cheaper than by getting it from the surplus stores.

Example SAS/Windproof smocks cost between 80 and 100 pounds in the shops but buy 10 from the wholesales company and they are 30 pounds each NEW, although that is ex VAT. Still a saving though.

Contact details for this company are
01202 590762
Building 106 W Aviation Park
Bournemouth International Airport
Christchurch Dorset BH23 6NW

If you live on or near the East Coast try a company called RAMCO (do an internet search for this)

Or if not try the MOD Defence Sales and Disposal Agency website, to find other wholesales disposal companies.

Clubbing together might be a little difficult but the savings are, I am sure, worth it.

Hope this info was of some use
ATM im trying to find some C95 shirts to bulk buy ( as in packs of 10) so i can sell them cheap to my new plt (i want us to be the best), however i cannot find a place where i can get them cheap enough (as in the £3-£5 region) any ideas?
Sounds daft, but even though they're not on issue yet, you can still exchange them through the system.

Chat up a friendly CQ or RQ and get some US ones, then exchange 'em for free.
i do not understand, i think i failed to mention that i myself am a cdt l/cpl
comrade-max said:
i do not understand, i think i failed to mention that i myself am a cdt l/cpl
So get your DC or staff to arrange it. :)

That is one of the things they're there for.
basically, our staff are a bit rubbish ATM, we are basically a new plt for the last year weve bin temporarily merged with another who parade at the same location with us on different nights. our staff are new to running a plt. i as a experienced cadet am trying to organise thie c95 shirts 1. to get my plt in the same dress and 2, as part of my DofE. how do u get exchanges with the shirts?
Hi all, i find the followinc company very good, they supply to the Army Surplus store, and if you have the time to get up there with a van you can haggle for some good deals.

check it out.

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