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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by bullshit, Mar 24, 2005.

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  1. Bowman,

    Hope you agree with this thread, maybe others could add posts to it? . I have found a colour printer on Dell for 10 quid. Dell 720 Colour Printer for only £9.99!


    use the link at the bottom and under "cables" click on the "No printer cable" radial button and update the price.

    Click here for Dell
  2. Because they make their money backin consumables (cartridges etc). Just like dealers your first hit is always on the house.
  3. in this case it is almost the disposal printer - cheaper than the cartridges!
  4. I recently spent a long course buying Lexmark 615's for 20 quid with cartridges, because it was cheaper than the 27 quid to replace the cartridges.

    I bought an Epsom r300 for about 80 quid, the cartridges that came with it lasted me 4 months and i bought replacements for them on ebay for 17 quid, and havent noticed a reduction in print quality.

    Ya gets what ya pays for.

  5. I have heard that you can 'inject' ink into old cartridges, surley that must be cheaper than buying new printers over and over again?
  6. daz

    daz LE

    Max 6 times before the heads go on lexmarks, it's also messy and there's no guarantee that your not going to stuff things up, ink bleeding from the cartridge, getting the colours in the wrong order :oops: etc

    Did i mention the mess, ink stained hands etc etc.

    Better off buying Epson's, clone cartridges are as cheap as chips.

  7. I've heard that some people have take on the dodgy practice of buying second hand laser printers from ebay which happen to be the same ones as they use at work e.g. HP Laserjet 1200s and Lexmark thingies. A wee cartridge swap and bob's yer uncle. Disgusting practice - I would never condone it. Kerching!