cheap hotels in brize norton

anyone know any half decent ones they've used???

travelling back out to theatre next week and need to be there v early to check in... bit of a pain as i live miles away and dont drive!

so looking at travveling down the night before.
Gateway hotel inside camp, free if your flying out.
drain_sniffer said:
Chris_2oo6 said:
The_IRON said:
Gateway hotel inside camp, free if your flying out.
just got told about that after making this topic

i've booked there... sounds alright for free anyway!
You have never stayed at the Gateway???

Do enjoy your stay :wink:
It got a five star rating in the Weekends away magazine for ideal setting, glorious garden and the size of the bar and dining hall. I got an en-suite room last time, well there was a bin in the corner.

Sod it its a sh*t hole but its a free bed and breakfast and you can get rat ARSSED and hey give you an early morning call (very early if flying to the Falkands)and bus to the terminal...... what else do you need. Oh I forgot about the babes at reception :wink:

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