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Discussion in 'Travel' started by RustyH, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. Hello wide and wonderful world of ARRSE,

    Me and the current Miss RustyH are planning on a holiday in July/August before I head off to Sandhurst in September the problem is niether of us knows where we want to go. We'd quite like a sunny climate with the options of relaxing on the beach/round the pool as well as having some cultural or historical interest nearby. Were on a budget of about £400ish each as I'll be finishing university and will thus be quite poor.

    So does anyone have any advice or tips on where to go?

    Thanks for the advice

  2. you will need to go early if you only got £400 to spend. Current exchange rate is £1 per euro too which is a not good for the holiday maker. Skegness is nice in june i hear
  3. Car, tent, follow the sun.
  4. Why bother? Just drive around the UK camping out. 3/4 days in Cornwall/Devon- 1/2 days in South Wales( Gower, i'm biased), peak district, Scotland?

    Otherwise you will find yourself in some awful hotel in Faliraki, full of scousers and other ne'er do wells.
  5. Try the Afroditi apartments in Lindos, Rhodes via Olympic Holidays

  6. If you don't have kids stay clear of school holidays as you will pay a premium. Would suggest you adjust your dates a bit.
  7. After a bit of interwebing Im looking at Eurostar to Paris £59 return, one night in Paris £45, sleeper train to Venice £26ish apparently then two nights in Venice £102. Total of £232 chuck in £50 for metro and water busses and £282 doesnt seem bad really.
  8. I don't know where you got the fare for Paris to Venice from, but one site I visited quoted $236 per person each way. That's more than your entire budget, subject to exchange rates.

    If you're determined to go abroad for more than a weekend, then look at car and camp. You could find a cheap channel crossing if you're prepared to travel at silly o'clock. Camp site fees can be expensive, but search around and you may find them cheaper if you take out membership of a foreign camping or automobile club. I joined ADAC (German AA) once just for this purpose. Even camping, you'd be looking at £20-30 per night on a reasonable site.

    The big advantage is that you can choose to move about with a quick-erect tent or stay static with a bigger tent. You trade overnight comfort for range of sightseeing. But as you're young, I'd recommend a different site each night, see lots and come home knackered. Allow two days longer coming back than going out. (I once took two weeks leave to do something similar and had to phone work and ask for an extra week off - I'd just reached Cannes after staying in Germany, Austria and Italy and wanted to stop off in Switzerland, Luxembourg and the other side of Germany).

    The other alternative is to book a cheap flight now (EasyJet, RyanAir etc) and book a hotel via the internet. Unfortunately, if there are any hassles (such as one of the firms going bust), you won't have ABTA-back up, so you could lose your holiday and any money that you've paid. (I did this quite a few years ago by collecting AirMiles and booking a (honestly, fairly grotty) apartment in Gib - total cost for family of four for a week was less than £250 plus food and entertainment - even this worked out as £1200+).
  9. Malia's great for cheap beer and a good scrap. Probably not what your looking for though.
  10. Don't bother. You'll be going somewhere hot and sandy fairly soon after finishing Sandhurst anyway. And it will have historical interest - well, a certain amount of history, at least!

    But seriously, it depends on what "the current Miss RustyH" is willing to put up with. Have you looked at coach travel? That's cheap, if you don't mind crossing dodgy mountain passes sitting behind a driver who's been driving non-stop for 17 hours, and if you don't mind taking a bit of time getting to your destination.

    Or have you thought about an Interrail train ticket? That combined with a tent will get you a long way relatively cheaply:

    Quote from the blurb on Interrail tickets: "Zonal Inter-Rail cards offer the passenger better value than ever before, allowing the traveller to choose from eight geographical zones, so that they only pay for travel to places that they want to visit. Alternatively, for the really ambitious traveller, the 'All Zone Pass' gives total freedom of Europe from Finland in the North to Greece in the South from Turkey in the East and Portugal in the West. Discounts are available on most ferry services between the UK and mainland Europe plus certain rail services on the continent."
  11. Have you considered going to Clackett lane services, and getting Mrs RustyH to suck off a few truck drivers for a free lift to somewhere in Europe? Beggars can't be choosers and all that.
  12. Are you suggesting that truck drivers would only let themselves be fellated by Mrs RustyH because they're beggars and therefore have no choice?
  13. :D
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