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Cheap Hire Cars

Has anyone got any good firms to go to for hire cars,

offering:- Good pick up?drop off locations
Squaddie Discount
Smart Motors
Sensible Rates

I havent got access to the 05 squaddie discount book, as that is the obvious answer, so any help would be appreciated.
I have a few listed here.

In my experience, squaddie discount isn't worth worrying about, they'll give the same discount to almost anyone.
I think you'll find that on-line booking rates are as low as you'll get though.
Even the likes of Hertz (who I think still offer squaddie discount) won't apply a discount to the rates quoted on-line, only to their 'standard rates'.


Try Enterprise. Have used them a few times they picked me up and when I returned the car they took me home. Had a weekend deal £60 for a Focus or Astra size. I got mine at 1.00pm fri and returned it 1.00pm monday, just choose a time that suits you.

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