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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by brettarider, Aug 9, 2006.

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  1. Cotswold camping are having a sale on Gps at the moment gecko 101 for £60 and gecko 201 for £90 they have quite a few others on sale in store that's not listed on the web-site
  2. Do you know much about GPS?

    I'm looking for something cheap, weatherproof and simple to use as a backup when I do my trekking. I'm going back onto Dartmoor soon and having something just to double check my position would be nice.

    Also how easy is it to input coordinates? I really have no idea on these things - do you just enter OS map code (TG etc etc) and an 8 fig grid reference? Or is it far more complicated?
  3. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    I've used the Garmin eTrex range, which will be similar to the Geko mentioned...
    Yes, to find your way to somewhere, just insert a waypoint, using whatever grid system you prefer (you can change from BNG, etc etc in the options) set it to navigate there.. Entering grids can be a little bit tricky due to the limited number of buttons on the unit, but it's not rocket science.

    GPS units really come into their own when linked to a PC however. With a connection cable you can up/download waypoints, routes, tracks etc to your PC with packages like Memory Map (OS mapping for your computer) which makes it much much easier.

    My eTrex was certainly weatherproof (it even floated). Not sure about the Geko but I would imagine it'd be pretty tough.

  4. They do sell the etrex and it was one I'd been provisionally looking at. Thanks for the advice, that's really useful. Now just need to find about 100 beer tokens from the 87p left of my overdraft :D
  5. Crabby I'll send you a link when I get back from work a free program that allows you to put in co-ords then upload them to the Gps much quicker than doing it on the Gps
  6. If you need help with Memory map Check out eMule
    or PM me
  7. I've currently got a Hewlett Packard pocket-PC with a GPS radio on far it only works if you point it straight up in the sky. So, if you see someone waving one over their head, it's me and I'm lost.
  8. Some of the more expensive gps can be linked to palm computers. Gps goes in the top flap of daysack with a link cable going to the palm computer which shows a google earth style nav screen.

    Would recommend the e-trex, had mine for two years now , absolutely love it, am not sure if the geko is compatible with a p.c.
  9. Gecko 201 is deffo compatible with a PC
  10. This one has the GPS receiver actually in the gadget. Mind you, I had it out on the road last night and it's not bad once it's got a fix - it's just the initial acquisition (or whatever the gps geek speak is) that requires waving it at the stars and waiting for a sign.
  11. Magellan Blazer GPS 300's/2000/3000's go cheap on Ebay
  12. and memory map, I have both....
  13. I use Route 66 on a MMC card loaded on a Nokia 6680 and a Bluetooth GPS receiver.

    Never let me down though you do have to make sure you download the updates as and when they are available.

    Cheaper solution - for the car - than buying a TomTom or Garmin.
  14. Just purchased the Garmin GPSmap 60CSx, the usual digital moving map with different mapping able to be uploaded, digital compass that works when youre static and a barmotric altimeter, the dogs danglies. Try GPS Warehouse online for cheapest GPS.
  15. Just came across lowrance currently being sold by Silva Uk for £99.95 inc VAT comes complete with full UK maps well worth the money I think my Geko's going up for sale! bit more on Uk spec got a cheaper version at £69 there as well