Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Vermin, Feb 15, 2003.

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  1. Just saw the advertisement for the softie 6 at £80, go to and you can get it for £57.50, web site sounds a bit dodgy but its Bob who runs the shop next to the MT park in Sennybridge. Had quite a bit of kit from him, he's always the cheapest and gets it to you pretty quick. :) :)

    People who think they can rip you off just because the kit they are selling is green really p1ss me off!
  2. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    HM Supplies in Camberley are quite cheap.
  3. HM Supplies. Cheap? Obviously you never sold an internal organ (at the suggestion of your CSgt) to buy the kit neede to get you through the Hurst.
  4. Just a hint ( and its proberly doing myself out of more sales and business) but if you can find a few mates in your unit, who all require the same item, and you run a company (a printed letter head will normally do!???) you "might" be able to get items at TRADE Prices...... the best one I used to use when I was in, was telling a firm that I was "looking" into using their products, and could they send me some samples.

    Have a look at fieldtextiles, on the web, all they need is a minimum spend of £250 + Vat per order.

    Or go to some of the other Military Trade sellers, explain what you wish to do, and see if they will help?


  5. if you want cheap kit (ie not combats but boots chest rigs etc) go to ebay. I got a brand new pair of proboots (still in box etc) for £40 (including the postage). F#*k the surplus shops you know your getting screwed.
  6. Ref Softie Jackets

    You may want to wait fella's as they are now issuing them!!!!!

    Think those on Op tours will get them first as I have just. However due to the amount of tours flying about at the mo your likely to have at least three jackets by the end of 2004


  7. Fcuking loser.
  8. The Hurst you must be living in a bloody dream world, climb off that ivory white steed you toff wakner
  9. Apparently, if you go to the snugpack (they make softies etc) factory in Bradford, they sell slight seconds of their gear at about 1/3 off in a wee shop nextdoor. I'll try and find out more about it and post details here in the new year.

  10. is the reatail branch of fieldtextiles. they are really good and have some good kit at really good prices. i know the owners son and my mate works there so im always garunteed a discount.

    i bought struff from fieldtextiles about 2 years ago as a business venture to try and flog all the kit to my cadets. went tits up and i ended up with about 7 sets of 95 trousers, shirts and jackets in my loft. mum wasn't best pleased after i did her out of £270 :oops:
    did however get 4 brand new pairs of assault boots and 2 pairs of pro boots for a grand total of £65!!! :D
  11. Great.