Cheap Fuel Discount card - costs nothing!!

From the FT website:

Pipeline Card details at bottom of article

Petrol card

Following Shell’s announcement of record profits this week and with oil prices still near all-time highs, the price of petrol is very much back in the headlines. Which is why I was interested in a press release that landed on my desk this week, claiming to offer significant reductions on forecourt petrol prices.

The Pipeline Card ( claims it will offer its members discounts of between 5p and 10p on a litre of petrol when it goes live in April. What’s more there is no joining fee or annual cost.

So how does the card work? Pipeline says it will link up with just one major petrol retailer. In return for petrol discounts, this retailer will get a load of loyal customers, many of whom will spend cash in the stores attached to petrol stations. With Pipeline promising no costs for consumers, this looks like a deal worth signing up for.
Whilst I usually ignore these sort of fads, this pipleline card appears to have no catch. it just offers a discount on fuel!!

I've registered. We'll see how long it takes to come to fruition, if it ever does.

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