Cheap economical run a round ?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by AJ1992, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. Just sold my 1.1l peugeot 106 as quite frankly it was a piece of shit. Looking for a cheap run a round for when I finish catterick but don't really know what's about. Looking for a decent mpg, let's say 40mpg around £2k to spend. Any suggestions on what I should be looking at ?
  2. how long are your commutes?
  3. A bicycle.
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  4. Erm will be based at tern hill with royal Irish regiment , the mrs is living with her parents in Birmingham so about 70mile round journey few times a week.
  5. My Ford Focus 1.8L Diesel does 47mpg to and from work (40 mile round trip of mixed urban and country roads) and up to 56mpg on longer motorway runs. Its cheap(ish) to run, cheap to inusre and tax and whilst it will never set the world alight it not a hairdresser's car either.
  6. Toyota Aygo, I am averaging less than 10p per mile for fuel, 70+ mpg motorway and 55 mpg urban.
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  7. Any small engined diesel should be alright, Fiesta? Go and have a look around a place that sells different brands and have a look. arm yourself with online information as to cost, check out interest rates first if you're getting a loan. Loans from a car salemsan is likely to be more expensive than you'll find online.
  8. I've had a 51 plate Skoda Octavia 1.9tdi for the past three years.

    Cost just over 2k when bought with 103k miles on the odo. Does about 60mpg on motorway, 45 -50 around town with a gentle right foot.
  9. Or a VW Fox ?
  10. Here you go! Cheap to run, two stroke engine, air cooled, wont rust, comes with an extra jerry can, a pick axe to fend off would-be thieves, it has a copula for top cover when going through Liverpool and best of all, you might be able to take it on exercise.... (Might want to get rid of the Balken-kreuz).

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  11. Only got £2k
  12. Tried that , insurance want too much , by too much I mean £4000 on a 51 plate focus 1.6.

    Just to add I've had my licence a year and a half , 1 yrs NCB. So I'm still "HIGH RISK"

    Would like a car with a bit of poke though.
  13. Small turbo diesel like I mentioned Fiesta or similar should do.
  14. Man the **** up and buy something with a great big V8 in it.

    Economical cars are for girls and Frenchmen.
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