Cheap & easy config IP camera?

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by 4(T), Dec 22, 2011.

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  1. I'm after any recommendations for a simple IP camera.

    I need one with just basic function (ie no online video storage or other subscription features) and thats - hopefully - easy to set up. I intend to place it in my old man's house in Spain, as a sort of emergency visual check - i.e. to be able to log on and check that the old bugger is still alive, etc. He has broadband with a slightly iffy Spanish provider - hence the need for an IP camera with easy set-up that won't involve attempting to extract information from the provider.

    I've looked at the "A List" in PC Pro as per usual, but their reviews tend to be of kit more applicable to security management in SMEs. I'm after something simple and functional. Any ideas?
  2. I'm currently in the research stage of doing this as well. In addition to the IP camera though I am after some sort of remote warning when smoke alarms are activated, I have Googled it to death and cannot seem to find any way of networking smoke detectors (Apart from business end stuff).

    The closest thing I can find so far is AlertMe PC - Alarm Monitoring Software without monthly subscription which does appear to tick the boxes. But I would prefer to hard wire the alarms in if possible and wonder if there is a way to do this?

    I was going to pose this question on Arrse anyway so hope you don't mind me jumping on your thread.
  3. Cheap is relative but how about this plug and play?

    EyeSpy247 F+ Easy Set-up Wireless IP Camera
    EyeSpy247 F+ Easy Set-up Wireless IP Camera ¦ use-IP Ltd

    Support docs
  4. Your google skills are weak, old man. Look up zWave devices.
  5. get a sensor alarm system off the shelf at the local hardware store, most of the mid range ones have some form of remote alert facility builtin so all you need to do is wire them up through a simple relay gate to apply the correct signal to your network.

    the relay gates might need some research but fairly cheap ones can be bought from radio shack or maplin in the correct voltage settings, if you go for the cheap versions then you need 2 for each spot, you just remove the speaker and attach the relay device in its place on one and same result.

    as for ip cameras theres hundred out there, hell even tv shopping channels flog them.
  6. Nice one I've had a quick scan on me moby but that looks like the business. Cheers all for the other ideas/links its given me a few options to look at.

    Sadly Google is only as good as the info you put in and I think I over complicated my info!

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  7. Webcam system is out, because it has to involve as little active kit at the pensioner end as possible; it took months to train him not to switch off the router after checking his emails - so a "laptop server" is a no-no.

    I saw this in a Google search and on some of the review boards, but i see it still requires a subscription to their website. I might go for this one, but i had hoped to find a system that involved little more than a webcam quality camera linked to the existing router.
  8. if you have the option why not put the router out of reach (attic crawlspace or similar) and use one of those homeplug link kits to hardwire the system to the rooms where its required, that gives you the sensor activated camera and removes hte possibility of the pensioner inadvertantly disconecting the system.

    as an option its probably safer in terms of being occupier proof, and its noramly simple to extend a flyoff extenstion into the loft area, of course it doesnt remove all the normal problems of isp based disconnects....
  9. I take you can access the route remotely?

    This might do it

    D-Link Products - DCS-932L - mydlink-enabled Wireless N Day/Night Home Network Camera

    Plugs direct to the router and you set up via PC on the same network.
  10. 4(T) I may have inadvertently found a solution. If your Father has Skype installed you can set that up to answer automatically in video chat when you call.
  11. Thats a neat solution for a normal household. Unfortunately Skype itself has proved unworkable with any of the pensioners in my family (although my Russian mother-in-law's cat managed to initiate a Skype call during its use of the laptop keyboard for a bed), and my father has that oldie habit of switching off, unplugging and disconnecting any device not in use (you should see the carnage that can be caused to a home entertainment system...).

    Reckon I'll probably have a look at one of the EyeSpy models..
  12. Fair points. I will use it as a stop gap until I can get a proper install.

    No doubt I will find the Hoover plugged in where the desktop should be at some point before the new year.

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