Cheap Booze - UK residents: Legit - 40% off at Threshers

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Stonker, Dec 1, 2006.

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  1. I just heard about this on BBC News:

    Download and print the coupon on the site at LINK

    and you can get 40% off up to £500 worth of booze from any branch of Thresher's till Dec 10.


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  2. is the real..... if so it is great news!
  3. Good idea - but 500£ worth of wine - it'll be a rare vintage by the time I get round to drinking it! read right you must buy 500£ worth of booze to qualify for the 40% discount.

    Which means to me that I still have to pay roughly 270£ for wine.

    Anyone in the london area fancy clubbing in as I would go 50-50!

  4. WAH :!: :? :? :?
  5. O yes William - and the BBC have confirmed that although it's taking UK by storm over the www, Thresher's will honour these vouchers.

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  6. It's a max buy of £500 - not a minimum!
  7. No! Check it out on BBC news or google.
  8. You are right - my bad!
  9. Cheers Stonker, just been on BBC, Threshers will honour, just downloaded my coupon, trolley fatigues tonight!

    Edited due to first time couldn't believe my luck shakes!
  10. Only one word to describe this: WAHEY!

    The resolution about laying off the sauce until the festive season may be under serious assault here!
  11. just decided to double check with a guy i know who works in a threshers, and he says its legit.

    get printing fellas
  12. BBC not good enough 4U? :D
  13. not with:

    a) half the crap they spoute


    b) my dignity still in tact (not having gone up to a counter with a lorry, sorry trolly full of booze only to be told the voucher is a wind up)
  14. 201 hits on this thread in 1hr 50 - is that a good hit rate or wot? :D
  15. Voucher printed and took down the local threshers - i am 60£ lighter lol