Cheap Booze...Nasty!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spike7451, Jan 20, 2010.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    So,on the Jock' n Vodka thread,I mentioned a whisky/wine mix ASDA were flogging for £3.30.
    I bought a bottle &,Monday night,I sat down & tried it.
    Where's the Whisky?...All I could taste was cheap sherry so I topped it up with Grouse....Nope,this stuff is so potent it kills the whisky taste.
    So after about 1/3 of the bottle I went to bed..Only to wake up with the worst hangover I've had in years!!
    AND the trots too!Poor tum felt like a battery too!


    So have you came across any wierd drinks that affected you?
  2. I'll raise your Jock nancy cocktail with a real mans drink. Star of the West pub, Union Street, Plymouth.

    I give you, the pint of Rock & Roll. A half of dry cider over a half of extra dry cider. The mixture was a slightly green/yellowish colour. There was always a strange shimmer when viewed from the side as the toxins refused to blend. Never any head on the pint, too stagnant. In all my years there I think the record was FOUR pints consumed before the challenger became incoherent.
  3. sorry...cheeky vimto wins hands down!! Its for winners and people with shares in paracetamol!!
  4. I`ll echo that, many years ago a mate of mine had three pints in quick succession, paid no heed to advice from the barman, walked outside and went flat on his face. Luckily I didn`t like cider and still don`t, so I was spared the embarassment of it happening to me. Unfortunately I was the twat who had to carry him home. :x
  5. Toilet duck.

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  6. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer

    I'll just stick to Buckie, makes a handy weapon after consumption.
  7. try a generous shot of rum called sailor jerrys just add coke and watch out.
  8. When I was young and foolish, my favourite tipple was a Red Witch: Pernod, blackcurrant and cider. Guaranteed to bite you back hard the next morning.
  9. Hmm... Pernod & Black - one of those experimental 'just about old enough to drink' type beverages. Lesson harshly learned by waking up finding one's hair matted in a pile of pink but pleasant smelling carrot chunks. But prior to that during my latter school years, there's was always one or two louts in their late teens happy to go to the offy (for a small fee) and get you and your mates a bottle or two of Mad Dog 20/20 for our camping trips at the weekend. Waking up in a doss bag full of power-farts and a tent full of equal smelling foulness from your muckers contributions, defined some of my most memorable summer weekends before I joined up.
    Many's the morning we'd be nursing sore heads whilst heating up beans on the stove for brekky. Good times.
  10. And the monks are chanting their way to the bank....

    Cheap wine gets me every time, whether it be red or white always feel the effects the day after. Friends who think they saved a few pounds buying it should be drip-fed the stuff until they realise its dire.
  11. Bloody Tiger beer in Singapore, the mother of all headaches after 3 cans without fail.
  12. sailor jerrys is just vanilla rum, with coke makes a nice tipple.
    want a hard rum? try ray nephews...
  13. This is different as it is a punch of sorts but back at uni we came up with a terrible concoction aptly named "Black-out" (you get the picture).

    The ingredients were as follows:
    1/4 dirt cheap red bull equivalent,
    1/4 cheap and strong cider (white lightening etc),
    1/4 Vodka preferably from the dodgy shop that sell out of date booze and
    1/4 fruit juice.

    and if you were up for a massive night you could always grind up some pro plus and stir it in.

    I know it doesn't sound that alcoholic but it is the closest legal thing to mind altering drugs (so i've been told). Many times I have seen lesser men pass out and piss and or shit them selves as a result of this devil drink. Also it never fails to wipe your entire memory of the night before!!

    In short, I highly recommend it for any budget conscious boozers out there!
  14. I remember 2 mates having a chugging contest in farnborough with Scotsmac after a bottle each in about a minute they went roller skating. Not the best thing to do, that stuff wrecked them.
  15. I remember 2 mates having a chugging contest in farnborough with Scotsmac after a bottle each in about a minute they went roller skating. Not the best thing to do, that stuff wrecked them.