Cheap boil-in-the-bag meals


I found this product by accident when I was looking for small resealable sandwich bags to protect my mobile phone, cigs etc at Glastonbury.

These are much cheaper & better than commercially available boil-in-the-bag meals.


It's the one on the left - Baco Cook-in Bags. Anything can be put in one of these, sealed and then used as a boil-in-the-bag meal. You could even freeze home-made curry, stew etc to take away with you. Now that I've used them over the last few days I can recommend them. I took some canned food with me and emptied the contents into these; it heats quickly (about 5 mins) and with no mess to clean up (if you eat out of the bag with a spoon :wink: ).

Even the manufacturer's website has no mention of them so they may be fairly new.

So for those who no longer have access to rat packs (or miss home cooking on exercise) and want cheap, hot meals when they are hiking, camping etc get yourself down to Tesco (other supermarkets are available) and have a look for these near the sandwich bags section.

The bags can also be used as roasting bags or in a microwave but I haven't tried that.
How long does it last??? If its less than a week I can only really see the pads benefitting from this. If i through something like that in a communal fridge it would go like lightning!


Hmm. The point of tinned/ratpack - style sealed meals is that the contents are sterile, so keeping them at room or outside temperatures won't run a risk of giving you food poisoning. If you just tip a load of stew into a bag it won't be sterile and I wouldn't trust it for much more than a day.

Having said that, I guess you could fill 'em up and then boil them for a bit to try and kill any bugs inside. Whatever horrible concoction you've created might keep a bit longer that way. Does it say that on the instructions?


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Not good if deploying with bags full as home made curry lacks preservatives however like the idea of emptying tins in bags limited clean up after.

There's only so long you can clean the metal mug with a brew after all


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If your off camping (or to glastonbury et al) or such like give this site a squint only tried some of the breakfasts but rest looks ok

freezer bag cooking

Site is American but doesn't take a lot of converting to find British equivalents.


mcclurg said:
these sound pretty sweet. are they cheap?

8 bags for 99p in Tesco. The bags measure 250mm x 400mm so you don't have to be mean with portions.

Response to other comments:

I know that home-made food wouldn't keep for long out of a fridge but I was suggesting that option for camping trips where a coolbox/ice-packs can be used. Coolboxes can run off a car battery these days.

And although cans are heavy if you know an exercise will only last a few days (and you don't like what's in the rat packs) it may be worth carrying a couple as an alternative.

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