Cheap Bog-Roll

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Handbags_at_dawn, Oct 26, 2005.

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  1. I hate it. The stuff with the absorbancy of a PVC mini-skirt (and having lagged myself in one - I can confirm that they have very little to offer in the absorbancy stakes).

    It fcuks me off constantly that my firm refuse to spend an extra 20p per roll and get some decent comfy bum - I'd make up the costs in the extra productivity generated during the five minutes I'm back at my desk rather than in the karzi spreading marmite over my cheeks.

    I reckon I'd achieve more with a empty bag of crisps.
  2. dont be so tight and buy your own ..... problen solved
  3. Ah the joys of "Clint Eastwood" bog roll - rough, tough and takes no shit from anyone...
  4. and you walk like him afterwards
  5. Yes cheap nasty bog roll is horrid, especially the 'happy shopper' crap, leaves a nice raw stinging sensation around your ringer.

    Charmaine is where it's at. Comfort that's well priced.
  6. I was on the Entertainments committee for our summer ball and due to us being p****d off by ungratefull wives whinging about the standards etc we stocked their bogs out with good old 'Army paper shiny nonabsorbant for the use of' we certainly had some whinges that night and some not very nice ones about sore lips!
  7. shame on you for admitting even using happy shopper brand, please tell us you didn't buy it. If you are that skint....... lift it from yer local harvester.
  8. and I thought you liked that sensation ;)
  9. It was my mates mum who popped a quid in my hand and sent me packing to the local shop round corner to pick up some bog roll

    'The one with the smiley face on it' she said
  10. I do... but not from tacky bog roll
  11. Always carry a half roll of 3-ply and travel pack of baby wipes. Saves time, ringpiece and sanity.
  12. It's better than getting caught short with none, that's where socks come in handy, or a squirrel.
  13. I'm very much an andrex girl, andi always have some moist loo paper too for those that you seem to be wiping forever!
  14. We wouldn't need bog roll if we squated like we're designed to do.
  15. May I refer you to my masterful thread which impacts (ouch) directly on this subject.