Cheap Android Tablets on the go?

I currently have 3 DVD player TV thingys installed in my van in order to stay sane on longer drives. All of these units are Philips (all the non-branded stuff is utter shite and never lasts) and are fixed rather rickety on the headrests. However, All my content is now digital (mostly .mkv and other format digital videos downloaded from various sources) and I can't be bothered to burn this stuff on DVD's anymore. They just don't last. After a month or two the discs are scratched lost, you name it. Tried hanging the kids from the ceiling for it, nothing works, they just dont treat them well enough.

As I am a fan of tablets, wanted to ask if any of you had any experience with the cheaper Android based tablets I could use for this. Kids are very proficient with hardware already and master ipad and iphone. I was thinking of putting digital content on the pads and let them have them one each. Just needed car chargers and the like. They go for under 200$ a pop on ( which isn't that much more expensive than a set of these dreadful portable DVD player I have come to despise so much.

Any thoughts / exerience with this? I assume these drives are easy to load with video content and should play most HD and SD format video (unlike apple's products)?
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Good question Viceroy. I bought a cheapo Archos 101 for £120 which has proved to be excellent for media playing and general web surfing. Its no Ipad, but at £120 it wasn't meant to me. I suspect that is a tad expensive to replace for all three.

Pleased you mentioned the move from DVD to pure digital media as I have thought along similar lines to replace my in-car DVD/LCD set up (which isn't fixed like your) but has so far lasted 5 years of quite rough use. I have looked at the screens and the DVD player and wondered, whether I could replace the DVD player with one of these £50 media players that are popping up all over and chop the connections across, then simply plug in a USB Hdd with a bunch of films. The biggest issue I can see is powering the thing as the current setup simply hooks into the car 24v supply. Could be a half interesting DIY experiment.
I am quite happy to buy SD cards, they cost nothing. If you use SD video (sprogs don't care and can't tell the difference anyway), a 16GB SD card is good for 20 odd full lenght moives in SD or endless amounts of spongebob, Ben10 and all the other episodes. So HDD's aren't really a necessity for me at this stage, I think sharing content through a NAS across 3 devices is a tad too difficult to do on the go. I have enough 12V outlets to charge 3 separte devices and a hotspot in the car (a 3 myfi)

I was just wondering if it was indeed easy to transfer media to these tablets, what sort of minimum RAM requirements one should look for (512 MB or 1GB?) and if it was a good idea overall or if folks had other solutions. I would buy one unit to see how it works and then pick up / replace the others if indeed it went well. I thank you for your input, any thoughts on the minimum hardware requirements? Surfing not really an option, I keep them offline for now. So it is just video, looking at pictures and perhaps some apps...


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I wasn't thinking about NAS sharing across the devices for your solution - I was being more "me me me" thinking about my potential solution to re-use the LCD screens I have....

These Andoid tablets are ridiculously easy to use and to import media onto; the Archos device I have auto catalogues media from the SD card and its then presented at the menu when the stock Android media player kicks in. The Archos has 256Mb RAM and thats ADEQUATE, as ever, more is clearly better. I'd presonally and with some experience perhaps wait and look for a 512Mb/1Gb variant. I often see cheapo tablets on sale in places like ALDI - you just need to be sure they have SD access, as not all do, and that their OS is a later version, far too many run with Android 2.1.

The pleasing thing about the Andoid experience is that to date, its never wibbled at any media that I've thrown at it.
Archos make good media players.

Things to look out for:

Cortex A8 processor - supports flash player
Android 2.1 or better - also for flash
I don't think an SD card slot is so important, as long as it has enough storage and hooks up to your pc easily. You could find yourself using it as much at home for WIFI
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...may be not, this one looks good and gets good feedback as well. It is also from a known manufacturer:
Looks good enough and the price is good. Interestingly I bought my MacBook Pro from Amazon.Com, delivered to the UK - all without VAT, result. Saved around 60% of the UK list pice and its a current model. I know this model gets decent reviews on the Android forums and there is a rooted ROM for it which gives it Android 2.3, although I'd probably want to wait to try that!#

I suspect you're not looking at bargain bucket solutions but this: Amazingly Inexpensive $99 Archos Arnova 7 Coming To US Soon might still interest you.
I quickly popped down the shops to look at the Archos 10.1 and I am rather impressed. I am not in a hurry and will wait to see how the next generation device compares, but at 230 USD even the 10.1 seems good value, decent screen, SD Slot, HDMI, USB etc. I will have a look at the tech specs but from what I remember Archos always used to support all the standards out there, so this might work.

PS there is an Archos 7 8GB Tablet for 129USD, may be thats it?
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