Cheap air rifle

B_G_L said:
I have a .177 Daystate Harrier X(pcp) and an .177 Airarms TX200(spring/underlever). Both are excellent for getting rabbits. The Harrier having a silencer, magazine, bipod and bolt action normally means you can get 2 or 3 rabbits to every one you bag with the TX200 which is quite noisy, the downside is all the extra bits (pump or divers tank) and the fact that the fall of shot varies depending on how much air is left in it.

My brother had a .22 career 707 carbine for a bit, absolutely fantastic for getting rats & squirrels but never seemed as good as the Harrier for rabbits at 40 metres +. It was also bloody expensive and the build quaility wasn't there compared to the Brit/German stuff.
know what you mean about the 707..however its heavy and a "working gun" not a plinker... i get ten ,ish full shots out of it full power...
Legs said:
If anyone wants a really cheap air rifle, I have one in excellent condition, with pellets. Can't remember the maker but it it Chinese. Hardly used. Free to whoever wants to collect it from Tidworth in 2+ weeks. Obviously a donation to Hols4Heros would be expected...
I may take you up on that :D

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