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To be honest I think that you would get better value going to an RFD/Gunsmith and buying a secondhand weapon in decent nick, complete with a scope. You should be able to get a reasonable package for around the £100-125 mark, as a starter set.
Yep, buying quality secondhand will save you money in the long run.

Try the AirgunBBS, very active sales section and more realistic prices than the pi$$ taking you get in many RFDs
Or even

As to the rifle you linked to, I hear that El Gamo makes most of the BSA range nowadays.

Try looking at Weihrauch, especially the HW77 or 97 models. Quality!
Also looking to buy an air rifle. It will be for use up north in the Shetlands for bagging bunny! I sent for the SMK brochure and they seem cheap and cheerful with some good reviews ... any thoughts?

Also what is best, assuming .22 for bunny, break barrel, underlever or CO2?
I always preferred a .177 pre charged pneumatic for bunny bashing, it has a anice flat trajectory and no recoil. but still has plenty of stopping power for bunnies providing that your shot hits the sweet spot. I've also found that a shotgun will kill them too but there aint much left for the pan !!!!
I agree with the .177, I use a Daystate Harrier or a Theoben E type for bunny bashing as well as squirrels,pigeons and occasional Mink.

Don't buy something that just because it looks good, get down to a local club if in the UK and check out what the lads and lassies use there.

FAC Air rifles are ok but you may as well get a powder burner for the hassle.

gobbyidiot said:
If you were absolutely skint you could go Chinese for 30-40 quid, but the quality might not be up to much, although the reviewer seemed to like them - (scroll down the page)

Sorry - now see that is the SMK.
That site will be taken down shortly if they are not RFD apart from the fact they are breaking the law regarding the selling air rifles online. It is against the law to sell air rifles and silencers online on mail order, all transactions must be face to face. This site has broken 2 laws regarding the selling of air guns. (I went through to basket and nearly to getting it delivered)

BTW these Chinese guns are junk, better is a good second hand Webley, BSA or Weihrauch.

Not all Chinese guns are cheap rubbish. I've got an AR1000 which is cheap, powerful (a bit too powerful for the UK actually) and quite well made.

Cheap but decent Chinese guns can be bought here, and sent to an RFD (if you talk nicely to him and pay him for handling it).
True, not all of them are crap but the cheap ones really are and would need some serious fettling to make them half decent and get the power up to a decent level.

2 half decent ones out of the box would be what we call the Chuntsman - a direct copy of the Daystate Huntsman and the XS-B40 a direct copy of a Air Arms Pro Sport.

I have a .177 Daystate Harrier X(pcp) and an .177 Airarms TX200(spring/underlever). Both are excellent for getting rabbits. The Harrier having a silencer, magazine, bipod and bolt action normally means you can get 2 or 3 rabbits to every one you bag with the TX200 which is quite noisy, the downside is all the extra bits (pump or divers tank) and the fact that the fall of shot varies depending on how much air is left in it.

My brother had a .22 career 707 carbine for a bit, absolutely fantastic for getting rats & squirrels but never seemed as good as the Harrier for rabbits at 40 metres +. It was also bloody expensive and the build quaility wasn't there compared to the Brit/German stuff.
Not_Whistlin_Dixie said:
Words of wisdom printed on the cardboard box for a cheap Chinese air rifle on which I wasted twenty bucks:

I was looking for an air rifle and the chinese one seemed a good deal. Took it to the woods to zero it :cry: Unable to get the elevation low enough on the tele sights to where the group was at 10m. Sold sight and threw out rifle wasted money which could have gone towards a decent rifle.
Air rifles are one of those things that the UK are still good at manufacturing and innovating (look at Ripley rifles). Unlike Dyson I imagine most are still made in the UK (but not sure) in light enginneering works in the Midlands. Little private businesses in a globalised market. It would be a shame to send money to people ripping off our engineers doing copies of guns. Better to buy secondhand UK quality IMHO, or forget the big plasma this xmas and get yourself something new you will be pleased with for a lifetime. Just something to think about.
I'm also thinking of getting a cheap(ish) air rifle in the near future. The two I am currently looking at are the SMK xs19 and the SMK xs20. (Both around the £100-£140 mark).

However, I went into my local gun shop yesterday (I call it a gunshop as he is the only RFD around here, it's actually a surplus store that stocks a few air rifles) and he was trying to sell to me a ".22 synthetic stock, full legal power" air rifle for £148. Now I know that this guy overcharges slightly so the rifle that it is should generally be around £130-150. Could anyone have a guess as to what this rifle is?

Thanks alot
Anyone want a decent Gamo CF-30 with 4 x32 BSA .22 special scope complete with green codura padded gunslip and about 500 bulldog pellets?

Open to offers and will include a multi calibre cleaning kit too..PM me if interested.
Cheap fun reliable?
Ok septic not british but they fit the bill if not swayed by my keeping it UK arguement.

Sheridan multi pump Linky


Crosman co2 sparklet bulb powered pneumatic linky

Fired similar models on Friday, second hand, cheap, cheerful, light as a feather loads of fun. The Co2 crossman was a revelation to me having not looked near the air rifle market in years. A little recoiless bolt action with scope and silencer for less than £80. In fact I think I'll go back and buy it.


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If anyone wants a really cheap air rifle, I have one in excellent condition, with pellets. Can't remember the maker but it it Chinese. Hardly used. Free to whoever wants to collect it from Tidworth in 2+ weeks. Obviously a donation to Hols4Heros would be expected...

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