Cheap accomodation in London

Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by DesktopCommando, Nov 26, 2011.

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  1. Im looking at doing a part-funded ELC course in the W9 2JA area of London for 12 days in February 2012, apart from going to UJC for about £39 PN does anyone know of a cheap B&B dont mind no breakfast, or can I get accom at a local barracks ? Any helpful advice appreciated.

  2. Travel lodge are cheap.

    Weren't they offering £29 a night?
  3. Speak to the QM's at WB for accommodation, at worst Welfare flats at Woolwhich & WB are £20 per night...
  4. But it is NEVER the one you arrive at at 21.00 tired and wacked out which offers that price. It is always one in the remotest corner of Norfolk.
  5. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Chelsea Guest House or Clapham Guest House - basic clean rooms, no brekkers, McD's next door - cheap on
  6. So true. I tipped up at one with banners offering rooms at 29 quid, yet there were none.....I also booked in a week in advance and there wasn't a room for such a price.