chealsea bks

Its a shame Chealsea Bks is being pulled down, they should keep it open and turn it a Army hotel for the Army v Navy rugby games at Twickers. Rooms and food are great. Lets hear it for the church.....
them brks are crap ..stayed there about 3 year ago in accomodation that was not lived in for past 10 year , due to it being writen off !! bar was tiny and self maned ...toilets and washrooms were rust coloured , due to rust seeping down all walls and floors etc etc ..THE GOVT WOULDNT PUT PRISONERS OR ILLEGALS IN THERE .....STILL GOOD ENOUGH THE FOR HONEST TOMMY THOUGH !!!are we singing from same song sheet here ?
The place was an absolute dump the two tower blocks were un-inhabited due to falling over risk, and at least half the accom was deemed unsafe because of inadequate fire alarming. The MoD have done themselves a favour it would cost a bomb to do it up and we should hope the money they have gained would go to upgrading other shite accom?
The place is a tip, and given that they stand to gain around a speculated £250m from the sale of the land its a sale worth making.

I have been up there this weekend and its a lower standard than you get on an OP tour these days so how anyone can say its a great place is beyond me :D
Cant beat the location for getting out on the pish nice'n'easy tho - its a shame they could have flogged off somewhere cack like Harrogate instead, that was just as bad if not worse - not to mention light years walk from the pub...
Ah but Harrogate is now a showcase camp because it has become the Army Foundation College or put simply the Junior Leaders training depot as it used to be, before junior leaders got binned and the government realised they got it wrong that is :D

The place has had millions spent on it and given that its a junior training depot with the cut off age of 17 yrs and 1 month and a 42 week course then its not as if the majority of troops there are going to benefit from a night on the lash ;)

No if they had wanted to save money and actually demolish something thats worth losing, i think they got it right :D

But granted the location is fantastic for going on the pop :)
good if your into motorbikes though. theres a lot of fun down the bridge on friday nights in the summer
Granted Chelsea Bks is abysmal, I lived there for a couple of years in 95 and it was classed as field conditions back then! Shame that they have to sell it though, everytime that a barracks gets sold we lose real estate, real estate that we will never be able to afford to replace. And so shrinks the Army
Being a true blue nose I could not help but notice the spelling error Chelsea is actually spelt Chelsea and not as you have spelt it at the start of this thread. I apologise if I may incorrect and this barracks is spelt Chealsea as you spelt it. I agree with you though after spending one weekend there it was a right shite hole.


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