CHC-HMCG pilot in trouble over a slab of beef



Book Reviewer
He sound a bit of a cowboy, unless that's bullshit I smell. If it's true he'll be in for a tanning. Never mind, he'll get leathered afterwards.
What on earth is a 'non-revenue flight'?

Sounds like he was just practicing landing on Orkney... and taking on a package.

Next time it could be life saving meds or similar.
I think rather someone in Customs has beef with the pilot...

(If you can't beat 'em)
Maybe he will try to claim mental incapacity due to bovine spongiform encephalitis, but I suspect he'll get moo ved on to new pastures.
Was his name stew? I heard he was a bit of a mincer.
Will he be for the chop?

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